MUST-READ: This Is How Your Life Will Look Like Under The Coming Martial Law

BEIJING, February 4. /TASS/. The situation in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the center of the novel coronavirus-induced pneumonia, remains tense, and the city is effectively under martial law, says Russian Ambassador to Beijing Andrey Denisov.

“There’s effectively martial law there. The situation in Wuhan is tense. Our guys stay at their homes,” he said.

With an infection rate of 85% and a mortality rate of 15%, this, my fellow reader, will happen very soon in the USA as well. The virus is already out in the world and is spreading very fast. That means a potential martial law on America’s soil is very likely at this point. Here is what you should expect.

The past U.S. Federal Government under both the Bush and Obama administration has made it perfectly clear that in the event of almost any major disaster scenario, including economic and environmental, they saw the institution of Martial Law as not only viable but inexorable. From legislative actions like the Patriot Act and the Enemy Belligerents Act  to continuity of government programs such as Rex 84 (formerly classified) and Presidential Directive PDD 51 (currently classified, even from Congress), all the “legal” precedents have been put into place to allow the Executive Branch to implement military oversight of civilian affairs, dissolution of Constitutional liberties, even the end of Miranda Rights and the right to a speedy impartial trial as protected under the Sixth Amendment. In some cases, government legislation allows for the rendition and torture of American citizens as combatants, all for the “greater good”, of course…

Some in this country dismiss such bills and directives as abstract novelties that do not constitute any real threat to our freedoms or our daily life. People have a tendency to assume that the atmosphere we live in today will remain the same tomorrow and always. Many of us never consider that dramatic, even violent change in American domestic policy is possible on a moment’s notice. On the contrary, the continuity legislation now in place shows that our government under the direction of corporate globalists is not only prepared to implement a military lockdown of this country, they fully anticipate that such an event will occur in the near future.

In this article, we will examine how Martial Law will be presented to the citizens of the U.S., how it would evolve and progress, and what the ultimate end result will be if such action is not stopped by the Liberty Movement and the American public. Things look like they are heading the right way under the current administration, but don’t sleep on it. While things go great you better prepare, now is your chance to enhance your preparations for what is to come.

A “Reasonable” Tyranny

Tyranny does not always burst through your front door wearing body armor and brandishing an assault rifle. Sometimes, it waltzes through your living room and sweeps you off your feet. Sometimes it wears a glad mask that promises warmth and safety. Sometimes, tyranny invites you out to the party and makes you feel like you belong.

NEVER leave your drink unattended around tyranny…

Regardless of how apathetic the American public may seem at any given moment, the majority of them at their core hate false authority backed by thuggish jackboot mentality when directly faced with it, and will not capitulate to despotism easily. That’s just the way we are. Revolution is in our blood (though now slightly diluted), and it is an undeniable aspect of our national psyche. Widespread and immediate military control of U.S. streets would be met with a fury the world has never seen.

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If martial law were ever to be achieved by the Federal Government, it would have to be presented to Americans gradually, as absolutely reasonable and necessary to their personal well being not to mention that of their family’s. Globalists would have to twist the reality of martial law into a tapestry of fuzzy logic and two-dimensional rationalizations, making the action appear almost mathematically evident. They would also need a crisis on a scale nearly beyond belief.

The U.S. is on the verge of many such crises. The economic health of this country is blatantly unstable, and even some mainstream analysts who called us “fear mongers” six months ago are now reluctantly admitting that some form of collapse is probable.

The financial life of America hangs by the thinnest of threads, and any moderate disaster at this stage will most definitely send it spiraling out of control.

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These scenarios do not include the ever-present threat of government sponsored false flag terrorism, which could exacerbate social tensions one hundred fold. A 9/11 scale attack, perhaps even nuclear in origin, would assuredly be followed by a declaration of martial law.

Under circumstances like these, people tend to allow their fear to dictate what is “reasonable” at the moment. Principles often take a back seat to “moral relativity” in the face of misfortune, even though wisdom demands that principles be held as most important in the worst of times. Freedom and civilian control over government is vital not just when our wallets are stuffed, our stomachs are fed, and the weather is mild, but when the threat of national upheaval hangs in the sky like a sun-baked vulture. When an early and unpleasant demise becomes a distinct possibility for a significant majority of the citizenry, this is when liberty should take precedence over all things.

One argument is always presented by tyrants and their flock during the initial stages social enslavement: “You can’t enjoy freedom if you are dead. It is always better to be alive, no matter the cost.”

However, what they fail to mention is that it is exceedingly difficult to enjoy being alive when you are a modern feudal peasant whose destiny is subject to the whim of power-hungry corporatists and madmen. There is nothing meaningful in that kind of life, just as there is nothing meaningful in the life of a cog in a great machine except to turn around and around. You can’t enjoy freedom if you are dead, but you also can’t enjoy living if you’re not free.

At the beginning of any autocratic system, total authoritarian control is almost always presented as a panacea, a wonder-drug for the masses. When confronted with epic struggle, some people would rather defer responsibility for their survival to someone else rather than make the effort to save themselves, and thus, totalitarianism is born. Martial law in America would be no different. It will be presented to us as purely rational and absolutely necessary; an “extreme solution to extreme times”. Its success would rest solely on how many of us are willing to make the effort to determine our own destinies, and how many of us are too cowardly to do so.

Consequences Of Martial Law

Regardless of how well governments sugarcoat the prospect of martial law at its introduction after it has been instituted, it doesn’t take very long for the people to realize they have been duped. The consequences of a militarized society cannot be hidden after the fact, nor does the establishment feel the need to hide those consequences after they have been handed unlimited power.

To peer into the future of what American martial law might look like, one need only research the history of martial law and dictatorships in general. From the Philippines to China to the Soviet Union, the stages of tyranny are pretty much the same no matter where you are in the world. Anyone who believes the martial law in America will forgo any of these terrible steps, or that we will somehow maintain a sense of propriety and fairness, is going to be sorely disappointed.

Free Press Destroyed:

The very first action of any government that has achieved military control of a country is to dominate the flow of information. The greatest threat to elitist domination is usually the people who they mean to rule over. Ending freedom of the press stalls chances that a view that opposes government control will gain footing. In America, the mainstream media is already under globalist control and would likely remain active during martial law, at least for a time. FOX, CNN, CNBC, etc, would change little, while the truly free press (alternative web news which now dominates over the ratings of mainstream media) would be attacked, if not shut down completely. The government enforced web filters (like those in China and being legislated in Australia) could be put in place, and arrests of citizen journalists are liable to occur.

Dissolution Of Checks And Balances:

In some cases, the military rule allows for the dissolution of states rights and even of Congress itself. If Congress is allowed to remain, it would be in a ceremonial capacity only. Under martial law, all decision making is “streamlined” into the hands of the executive branch. The excuse given for this is often the same everywhere; the President (dictator) must not have his hands tied by checks and balances during a state of crisis, otherwise, his decisions are slowed, and more people could be hurt. Once the executive branch of a country removes checks and balances, they almost never put them back willingly, even after the so-called “crisis” has subsided.

Erasure Of Civil Liberties:

Say goodbye to Habeas Corpus immediately. All tyrannies have abruptly suspended rights to fair trial, rights to legal representation, Miranda Rights, even the right to know what one has been charged with before being arrested. This process quickly devolves the justice system to the point where those who are detained simply disappear and are never heard from again. The U.S. currently has many pieces of legislation that have passed or are pending which allow rendition and even torture of regular citizens, specifically in the event of a national emergency, which under current rules, the President can declare at his leisure.

Curfews, Checkpoints, Searches, Citizen Spies:

Say goodbye to privacy. Expect ID checkpoints and arrests for lack of ID. Expect nighttime curfews in cities enforced with extreme prejudice. Expect warrant-less searches of your home without cause, not to mention surveillance of web and phone traffic. Also count on the fact that some people, out of paranoia, or out of some twisted desire for petty influence, will start pointing an accusing finger at anyone who looks at them the wrong way, and the establishment will encourage this. Tyranny is much easier when the citizens police each other. We actually see some of this behavior today, however, under martial law, there is absolutely no chance whatsoever of holding the authorities or anyone who supports them legally accountable for any wrongdoing. There is essentially no means to voice the grievance. Martial law is like a free pass to law enforcement officials to do whatever they please, whenever they please.

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Arrests Of Activists And Dissidents:

Political opponents of the establishment, no matter how honorable and peaceful they may be, would likely be arrested. Those who have the capability to lead a movement in opposition of the current government or those who have the respect of a sizable percentage of the populace will become priority targets during martial law. All tyrants seek to quash other voices, especially strong voices so that they can create an environment in which THEIR voice is the only one that can be heard. Activists are normally labeled as subversives, insurgents, or terrorists. They are arrested and treated as enemy combatants. The reigning government will claim that such people are “dangerous” to the stability of the country, and a threat to national security. Associating activists with terrorists also makes the idea of rendition and torture slightly more palatable to the fearful public.

Economic Feudalism:

In an autocracy, everything becomes a matter of national security, even the state of the workforce. All jobs become state jobs. The very poor become a possible burden. The middle class and the very rich (if not already part of the establishment) become possible competition. This is why most tyrannies seek to establish “harmonization”, which is really just a flowery way of saying that everyone is made equally dependent on the system for their survival.

It is hard to become a successful man in an oppressive society if you are not one of the elite. It is even harder to be a pauper in the same society because you are seen as a parasite feeding off the collective (though you are probably hurting no one). Martial law is always followed by an end to economic prosperity for the average citizen and the removal of the traditional middle class. In the end, this causes the public to subjugate themselves.

It creates a system which rewards those who submit with a semblance of the status they once had. The alternative: barely eking out an existence while under constant fear that you could be labeled an impediment to social progress. Given this choice, many would choose to conform.

Food, Water, and Healthcare Rationing:

Food and water are life. Control these two things in a culture, and you have the makings of a tyranny. One of the most notable aspects in the elitist quest for empire is the trail of hunger and starvation they leave in their wake. All methods are greenlighted. Burning of farmland, hoarding of grain, heavy taxation on livestock or harvests, government micromanagement of planting, everything is fair game.

Food regulation can be taken to a whole other level in our modern age. With malicious corporations like Monsanto in operation, genetically modified crops can be created to control diet, ”Terminator seeds” which yield only one crop can be used to keep the masses from replanting, and the pollen from these plants can be used to infect the genus of non-GMO crops birthing mutant strains which damage the food chain.

By creating a food shortage, rationing then becomes inevitable, and with rationing comes greater influence. Healthcare rationing would be a natural extension until every moment of one’s life relies on the good graces of a centralized bureaucracy.

It is rare for a government to implement all of these actions in a single instant. Usually, they are introduced slowly over a period of years, and with each new decree, a problem is preemptively engineered by the elites to give a “reasonable” cause or generate a concrete fear. As time passes, people forget what life was like before, left only with the dreadful circumstances of the present, and a disquieting sensation in the pit of their stomachs, telling them that the world they have been presented is not the world we should have settled for.

Never Compromise Liberty

Tyrants prevail when they are able to fool the masses into compromising their ideals, and their conscience. They enjoy devising scenarios by which we are made to tread through a “gray area”, a place where the truth is supposedly a matter of perspective, and that which is right and balanced could become unbalanced and destructive. Once you choose to compromise a fundamental principle, they then use that moment to set precedence.

“If torture is tolerable on the chance that it could save some lives, then perhaps it is tolerable in other situations…” they say. “If some freedoms are expendable in the name of security, then perhaps others are as well.”

How do we stop elites from setting precedence in this way? We never compromise.

“Grey Area” scenarios are a charade. A rigged casino game in which there is only a single outcome and a single winner and the winner is definitely not you. The crisis is usually one that the establishment created in the first place, i.e. the economic collapse, the BP oil spill, false flag terror, etc. And, the solution is always predetermined. No obstacle has only one solution, there are a myriad of answers to every dilemma, some far better than others. Yet, time and time again, we are offered only one way to resolve every disaster; greater centralization and extended government power.

Most disingenuous of all is the constant promise by the government to keep us safe. No government has the power to offer security. Security provided by others is an illusion. The only true safety is that which one provides for himself. We accomplish this by becoming self-reliant, self-aware, and tough-minded. We do not wait for some abstract ruling body to come to our aid, and we do not trade our freedom for the false promise that they will honor their agreement.

I have heard it argued that America is different, that we should not suspect our government capable of tyranny because “we are the government”. I find this assumption extraordinarily naive. Our government has not represented the wishes of the people for decades. The leadership of both major parties have supported almost identical legislative measures and extolled parallel globalist ideologies.

I have also heard it said that freedom exists under the purview of government. That the liberties we enjoy are only possible because of the protections that government provides. Elitists often take advantage of our presumption that government is some kind of cultural obligation, one that we must bow to, and that by attrition, we must bow to them. In reality, the government is a philosophical construct; a framework that only exists because we will it so, and that administrates freedoms only so far as we allow it to do so. WE are the source of our liberty, NOT government. It is we as individuals who ultimately must protect the freedoms we enjoy. Under no circumstance is any government more vital than our personal liberty. The choice is eternally simple; when asked to sacrifice one or the other, the government must go.

The Constitution of the United States was drafted as a means to reign in government and force it to respect the freedoms of the people. It exists to deter the power hungry, for under the Constitution they are supposed to be denied the control they thirst for, not given unrestrained supremacy. Martial law is a tool by which the power hungry can remove the restraints of the Constitution and cast aside freedoms on a whim.

This is unacceptable no matter the state of affairs. War, terrorism, economic collapse, environmental catastrophe, none of these events give anyone the license to usurp our liberties. It cannot and will not be allowed. We here in America should remember what it means to call ourselves a “sovereign people”. It is a title every man is born with but few men have the strength and fortitude to keep.

“Independence” requires taxing vigilance, a persevering spirit, and the determination to see that neither is tread upon. Independence has a price. In the event that we are confronted with martial law in this country, it is a price we may have to pay all over again.

Stay safe

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16 thoughts on “MUST-READ: This Is How Your Life Will Look Like Under The Coming Martial Law

  1. There are on avg. 40,000-60,000 DEATHS by the Common Flu (probably from Vaccine) per year and 40M-45M Cases each year here in the USA! No biggie as we are used to it and Big Pharma makes it’s billions every year. This FEAR MONGERING needs to STOP! We are told to be anxious for nothing and to be trusting our Lord for protection. Normal precautions will avoid the Flu and this man made Cvirus…Vit C and D…lots of raw honey and rest with plenty of liquids and washing of hands! More daily recovery’s in China from the virus…but deaths are from Quarantine due to poisoning chronic Air Pollution in Wuhan and Lockdowns with No Food or drinking water! There are on avg over 10 Million deaths in China annually due to pneumonia and China has no vaccines or it would be much worse. However, this too shall pass as soon as Gates and Big Pharma make a few billions more. DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE! The Brits btw introduced the virus…visit: AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE MEDIA for all the details. Blessings…


  2. Consider this, the virus is a cover story for a lock down of China and a cordon and search for dissidents to permanently purge them from society.
    China had been have a growing problem with religious and pro-democracy protests/riots and needed them to go away before they grew any larger and got even more attention from the world.


  3. SO-called “Continuity of Govt.” is UNLAWFUL if the US Constitution is not the Basis LAW and Foundation of it. The ONLY legitimate Govt. in America IS the Constitution. Martial Law is not provided for by the LAW, which IS the Constitution, therefore it is an UNLAWFUL Act of Sedition, Subversion and Treason. The “Militia” described in the 2nd Amendment is the ONLY Lawful form of Martial Law, if it can even be referred to as such. That is OF the People FOR the People and BY the People. The PEOPLE are the Govt. of America. Any other which asserts itself over the People at ANY time is the ENEMY of the People and a USURPER of their Constitution.


  4. MARTIAL LAWS is coming to america,ASK KEN PETERS what it was like THE LORD showed him ALL christians will be taken and murdered by the UNITED NATIONS MILITARY,most of the police gangs will have been killed BY THEIR FRIENDS THE RUSSIANS,the muslims will be klilling christians,along with every government agency hunting them ,there will be $5,000 reward on their head,manditory MICRO-CHIPS AND THE MARK OF THE BEAST or you can’t own anything,land,health care,food,NOTHING,sadly the braindead morons out number the ones who are awake a hundred to one in america,AND THEY WILL BE CHIPPED AND MARKED,they’ll also be sent to hell by GOD for it,MONEY WILL BE AMMO,who has it and who doesn’t…the foreign militaries are coming to LOOT the country,they could care less about the people ,you can thank the police gangs forgiving them a foothold in america,THIS is going to go down hill fast after Martial Law is decleared,war will be in all the towns who aren’t murdered right off,ALL the large cities will be nuked by the US MILITARY,and most of the smaller ones they’ll bomb them into rubble,the citizens will be shot on sight for a year or two,I hope you guys are ready,very few will be …


    1. What is amazing to me is how readily even the so called “truther” and “patriot” communities have accepted the official virus narrative and are happy to spread the hysteria.
      The authorities have found their weak spot and will exploit it when the time comes.


  5. While this is a very good article remember that so far only Asians are dying of it. And while it could potentially spread here in the US what will happen first is the supply chain will break and there will be shortages of everything that comes from China; things such as batteries, rubber gloves, electronics, and some medications. If you have a good immune system you should be okay. You might be exposed to it but your immune system should be able to fight it off. Now if you are elderly, a smoker, sickly, are always catching something you need to take extra precautions. Now can medical martial law be declared? Absolutely. And if it does the 1/2 of the country that hates President Trump will piss and whine and protest. One should always be prepared for a disruption in everyday life. By all means, be prepared, educate yourselves and keep up on things by visiting sites like


  6. if there was ever a time for martial law it was after 911. and it never happened. obama actually brought ebola infected non citizens into the country “for treatment’ and nothing happened. I agree if you are currently healthy and use basic safeguards, you should be ok. IMHO mainland chinese suffer from a huge poorly nourished population. add to that bad food prep/precautions which makes it a hotbed for disease to flourish and spread. if hrc had won the election I truly believe we would be on the brink of ML at any moment for the simplest reasons. stay alert, wash your hands and don’t pick your nose !!


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