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When things that are old go viral again on the internet, I take a moment and ask myself why there seems to be a resurgence or at least I try and ascertain why it is trying to get attention especially when most people are unaware of its origins. This is what I was trying to analyze back when the Momo phenomenon was resurrected and parents Teachers and the local PTA panicked in much the same way people are panicked initially over videos of Chinese spitting blood and dying in the streets allegedly because of COVID-19.

Looking back, we may want to resolve that much of what we were seeing was part of what can be called a massive psychological operation in order to gin up the fear in the United States.

The question is who was behind the psy-op because we know how effective it was and how we are now in a panic over a virus that is randomly lethal and has a 98% recovery rate.

Regardless of how ambiguous the science is on the matter at hand and regardless of whether or not your politics will allow you to understand that a lot of what is happening is security theater, there is information that is trying to get through about the winter that needs to be at least discussed now –while you still have time to prepare.

An old commercial for an Ubisoft game called Tom Clancy’s, The Division Dark Winter has been going viral for some reason as if it were some sort of predictive programming that was launched in 2013.

The video is chilling but what is unfortunate is that I am sure most people who see it think that it is some sort of a fictional story that coincidentally predicted the future; in fact, at the end of the trailer for the video game there is an eclipsed sun — and all we see is its corona.

Dark Winter is not fiction, even though the video game trailer may put some fictional scares in it to get people to buy the game.

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Now many of you know that two years ago, I did a lecture on Clade X. At the time, it was the table top exercise to pay attention to because it dealt with an unknown pathogen that authorities in my opinion were eluding to the possibility that the Clade of its origin was extraterrestrial.

During the lecture, I mentioned two other table top exercises one that were carried out before the 9/11 attacks and one that was carried out in 2005. While most people are aware of the October 2019 exercise called Event 201 – there were at least two other exercises that some people are saying may mirror the coming winter of 2020.

In 2001 there was Dark Winter, in 2005 there was Atlantic Storm.

These exercises were funded and carried out by the same financial backers of the institute that was granted a U.S. patent for “an attenuated coronavirus” in November 2018. The patent was filed in July 2015. by the Pirbright Institute. Some of the major backers of the Pirbright Institute include the World Health Organization, the European Commission, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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I need to emphasize that what I am telling you is not conspiracy theory – these psychological operations have been carried out as drills for possible future scenarios involving an outbreak or biological attack and how the weather can create a scenario where the house of cards tumbles down and along with it our fragile society.

Dark Winter and Atlantic Storm were both aligned in predicting the release of a biological pathogen during a massive winter storm. The pathogen was spread on Black Friday during a major winter storm on the Atlantic Coast.

The end game talking points after the operations were:

Preparation will matter
“Increased knowledge and awareness are essential”
“Homeland security must look abroad”
“The World Health Organization’s authority must be aligned with expectations”
“Effective communication between nations and with the public is critical”
Adequate medical countermeasures must be developed
“Biosecurity is one of the great global security challenges of the 21st century”

Again, Operation Dark Winter was the code name for a senior-level bio-terrorist attack simulation conducted from June 22–23, 2001, which was designed to carry out a mock version of a covert bio-weapon’s attack on the United States. The players involved in this were the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies (CCBS) and Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), and the project designers were Randy Larsen and Mark DeMier of Analytic Services.

It is very interesting that the same Johns Hopkins along with the evil Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation conducted Event 201, a coronavirus “simulation” just this past October, on the verge of this so-called pandemic. The same players, same objectives, but now it is real.

So far the Dark Winter and Atlantic Storm scenarios have not materialized but there are some people that are now saying that it appears that authorities are talking about a worse scenario where COVID-19 combined with a colder than normal summer and winter will fulfill that tabletop scenario.

Rick Bright, the former director of the Department of Health and Human Services’ Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, and claimed whistleblower, has been all over the mainstream news as of late projecting the “darkest winter in modern history.”

Using this term was no accident, and in fact was meant as propaganda to frighten and alarm the populace that the second wave of the virus will happen and if we are to look back at the table top exercise it will happen because of a cooler than normal summer and a harsh winter that will keep the Atlantic Seaboard in a winter long lockdown.

The authorities are already preparing us for the possibility by indicating that not only are we seeing a “lockdown” of the sun due to sunspot inactivity but that also there are plans to continue to dim the sun in an effort to curb global warming.

Coincidentally here have been some unbelievably cold temperatures happening in the United States for the month of May as temperatures have dropped because of a Polar vortex over the Northeast– meanwhile Fairbanks Alaska clocked in at 82 degrees in the Pacific Northwest last week.

How is it there are such anomalous cold events on an ever rapidly warming planet?

While many of us have grown a bit tired of a lockdown — scientists have now determined that the sun is on lock down and the dears of global warming should be calmed as cooler temperatures are coming to the planet and possibly areas of the world that will be in famine.

The sun has entered into what is called “lockdown” which some scientists are warning could produce freezing weather, earthquakes, and famine in the near future. According to a report from the New York Post, The sun is currently in a period of “solar minimum,” meaning activity on its surface has fallen dramatically.

It is no accident that scientist are calling it “lockdown” these are buzzwords that they want to make sure we hear – loud and clear.

Scientists believe we are about to enter the deepest period of “recession” for the sun that has ever been recorded as sunspots have virtually disappeared. Astronomer Dr. Tony Phillips recently stated: “Solar Minimum is underway and it’s a deep one.” “Sunspot counts suggest it is one of the deepest of the past century.

The sun’s magnetic field has become weak, allowing extra cosmic rays into the solar system.” “Excess cosmic rays pose a health hazard to astronauts and polar air travelers, affect the electro-chemistry of Earth’s upper atmosphere, and may help trigger lightning.”

According to the report, NASA scientists fear this event could produce be a repeat of the Dalton Minimum, which took place between 1790 and 1830 and lead to periods of brutal cold, crop loss, famine, earthquakes and powerful volcanic eruptions.

History showed that temperatures plummeted by up to 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) over 20 years, devastating the world’s food production. On April 10, 1815, the second-largest volcanic eruption in 2,000 years took place at Mount Tambora in Indonesia, killing at least 71,000 people.

The event also led to the so-called “Year Without a Summer” in 1816 — also nicknamed “eighteen hundred and froze to death” — when there was snow in July. Thus far in 2020, the sun has been “blank” with no sunspots 76 percent of the time, a rate surpassed only once before in the Space Age.

Last year the sun was 77 percent blank.

There is also the ever looming report of sun dimming projects that are meant to cool the planet through geoengineering.

Engineered snow storms are a major part of the ongoing climate engineering assault on our biosphere. Massive fluctuations of temperatures and conditions accompany such unnatural events. It is now becoming apparent that many so called natural weather anomalies are not natural any longer.

The way to tell if the weather has been engineered is to monitor temperature spikes and how unnatural occurrences such has softball sized hail and snow are falling during days that are above freezing are happening around the country.

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How can there be so much snow after such high temperatures? Are we to think it should be snowing at temperatures in the 40s not far away from the forecast temperatures of 85 degrees or more in Chicago and areas even further north?

It is like the country is having microclimates as temperatures can top the 80’s in one part of the area and have snow an hour’s drive away. Weather modification patents are everywhere now and stratospheric aerosol injections are now part of a CIA program to cool the earth.

Barium and Ammonium are elements named in some “ice nucleation for weather modification” patents. The combination of these elements causes an “endothermic” reaction that can lower temperatures from 70 degrees to as low as -30.

The entire climate system is being effected to a degree that cannot truly be known. There is in essence no “natural” weather at this point since the entire climate system is being derailed and disrupted from too many directions to comprehend. Are such constantly occurring engineered events skewing global climate data overall? There can be no question about this fact.

Though it is impossible to know the full range of chemicals being used for the artificial ice nucleation of these toxic engineered storms, we know the snow is laden with toxic metals and chemicals in most cases. The elements found in lab testing match known primary elements named in numerous artificial ice nucleation for weather modification patents.

Geoengineering the climate to halt Global Warming has been discussed almost as long as the threat of warming itself. American researchers back in the 1960s suggested floating billions of white objects such as golf balls on the oceans to reflect sunlight. In 1977, Cesare Marchetti of the Austria-based International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis discussed ways of catching all of Europe’s CO2 emissions and injecting them into sinking Atlantic Ocean currents.

But all of this applied mad science is in effect a way to induce planetary chemotherapy that can harm the ecosystem.

Speaking for the climate mainstream, activists such as Greta Thunberg stress that only a drastic push toward Net Zero carbon emissions can save the world. But, as Thunberg readily admits, the politics to achieve this don’t exist. If anything, the events of the past decade, including the failure of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change are actually pushing this mad science into the forefront.

Is it any wonder that she was called to be on a CNN panel for COVID-19? Her push for Net Zero means drastic measure to reduce carbon to cool the planet and what these measures would do is push the planet into a new kind of vulnerability.

Some computer models suggest it could lead to much less rain, and a botched project could disrupt key weather patterns such as the Indian monsoon and the rains that sustain the Amazon. Recent studies suggest it would make food crops less productive.

The answer of course will be the push for GMO crops and again the decimation of farms and the cutbacks because of increased food demand.

This would guarantee a famine, scarcity economies would have to form and new technologies would swallow up all of opportunity for organics in the infrastructure.

The grim politics of net-zero could leave geoengineering as a final gambit. Unlike carbon abatement, there’s no need for a global consensus to launch it. It just takes one decision-maker to use fear to convince everyone that runaway climate change is worth eliminating through geoengineering.

None of this is coincidence, none of it is accidental, but it is sinister. If things continue as they have been, and this lockdown remains in place, whether fully or partially, the anticipation of this “dark winter” will be on the minds of most all Americans, especially if it is continually used as the threat of things to come.

With that in the minds of the people, they will be expecting the worst, and will probably get exactly what they expect;  an extension of lockdown or a restart happening sometime either during Thanksgiving or Christmas of 2020 where they will warn families not to gather at these times.

The cooler climate will keep COVID-19 spreading – the spread may slowdown but phase two some say will be the scenarios first proposed during the Dark Winter and Atlantis Storm exercises.

The current government plan, regardless of what is partially opened this summer, is to continue to mandate social distancing and masks as some sort of faux protection against a promulgated threat, to continue to expose dissenters that refuse to comply with government orders, and to use more force to stop any dissent.

In addition, testing as many people as possible with flawed tests will continue, and more demands to test will be forthcoming. While that is happening, the contact tracing of individuals will become more and more evident at public gatherings and in the Shopping Malls this winter. Be advised that there is also plans for door to door visits form Health security officials during the harsh winter that will of course conduct welfare checks, provide food and services if needed and they may discourage family gatherings for the holidays.

The government has announced that a contract for $138 million has been issued to fund production of 500 million pre-filled COVID-19 vaccine “injection devices,” this before any vaccine is available or tested.” As any should be able to see, this is a complex, but easily identifiable plot that is coming to fruition very quickly and with little resistance. It is planned down to the last detail, just as were all the practice runs that were acted out in the past.

President Trump is already planning on mobilizing the military this winter to administer vaccines. People are asking why – the reason is apparently evident. As tracking technology is advanced and implemented nationwide. All of this is leading to this current crisis stage’s ultimate goal, which is forced mass vaccination by the winter of 2020.

Multiple agendas are being advanced, and the destruction of the economy and the resulting dependence of the population on government are going forward and being accepted. Pending legislation to print more money and dole it out to those out of work is already in process, as $3 trillion will most likely be distributed in small part to appease those not working, but most of that newly printed money will be used to continue the transfer of wealth to the few at the top.

Even though we may be seeing a reopening of many parts of the country it is wise to be prepared for another lockdown that will make life even more difficult this winter.

Knowing is preparing – understanding the trajectory and what has been already rehearsed needs to be considered. You can either err on the side of caution or you can be part of the herd that in its terror starts to come apart.

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  1. What a great presentation! Kudos, Mr. Dalton. I’ll be sharing this with everyone I know who has a brain. I literally could not stop reading until the end.


  2. Fantastic and absolutely correct assessment of the situation— I read this in the summer and now in December and you were spot on— much of what you predicted I too came up with while evaluating the predictive programming, media, etc.
    I alway said They are capable of anything and of course I’m the black sheep— conspiracy minded — pariah of my family… even though I’m proving to be correct


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