When Hunger Crisis Unfolds, There Is No One Coming To Your Rescue-Get Over It And PREPARE With That Thought In Mind

It’s not difficult to see that the foundation is crumbling…

new Gallup poll has found that already low “confidence” in our system of government, our economy, the media, banking, big business, religious institutions, and watchdogs is further eroding.

“Americans’ confidence in most major U.S. institutions remains below the historical average for each one,” a Gallup spokesman said in a news release.


All in all, it’s a picture of a nation discouraged about its present and worried about its future, and highly doubtful that its institutions can pull America out of its trough.

There is plenty of good reason, with evidence uncovered daily, weekly and consistently throughout the years of the hypocrisy and failures of government, the failed promises of politicians, the lies and spin of the mainstream media and newspapers, the greed and exploitation of the financial sector and the “just us” mentality of above-the-law enforcers who are supposed to uphold justice.

For those who are already reasonably prepared, perhaps one of the biggest concerns is the reaction and behavior of the unprepared. When it all comes crashing down, whether it’s a sudden or drawn-out decent into collapse conditions during the Great Reset, the question is how will people react during this time of great turmoil?

We have been living for decades within a system with all sorts of safety nets. There are tens of millions of people who rely on these safety nets and there are tens of millions more who know how to play the system and extract from the safety nets.

What will these people do if their sustenance is slashed or eliminated? After having lived a portion of their lives feeding off .gov, how will they cope afterward? How will they react?

The Reality… Three weeks after Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico, there was reported a massive shortage of meals in the U.S. territory.   The Guardian reported that FEMA officials have said the government and its partners are only providing 200,000 meals per day to meet the needs of 2 million Puerto Rican residents, which is a daily shortfall of between 1.8m and 5.8m meals.   “We are 1.8 million meals short,” said one senior FEMA official. “That is why we need the urgency. And it’s not going away. We’re doing this much today, but it has to be sustained over several months.”   Additionally, over one-third of Puerto Ricans still don’t have access to safe drinking water. Many of FEMA’s food deliveries are military ready-to-eat meals that are difficult for civilians to digest for more than several days. World Central Kitchen, which is currently the biggest provider of cooked meals, says FEMA is putting its operations at risk of closure.  

  The organization’s FEMA contract to provide 20,000 meals per day ended on Tuesday, and it will take several weeks to write up a new contract that will help feed Americans.   “There is no urgency in the government response to this humanitarian crisis,” World Central Kitchen founder José Andrés said. “They have all the officials and armed guards at headquarters, but they have no information about the island. They don’t even have a map they can share about who needs food. FEMA is over-paying and it is under-delivering.”

Carmen Yulín Cruz, the mayor of San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, gave a blunt assessment of the situation at that time.

“People are dying,” Cruz told CBS news. “This is the reality that we live in, the crude aftermath of a storm, a hurricane that has left us practically paralyzed.”

Human Sub Species of Zombies

Today we live in a world largely filled with a human subspecies of zombies who are largely unaware and ignorant of the ‘real’ world around them.

You’ve seen these poor, lifeless beings everywhere. People… if you can still call them that… with pallid, emotionless faces, staring down at small screens while they walk direction-less down the street, completely unaware of their surroundings.

Yet these poor souls actually believe they are more “connected” to the outside world and more people than ever.

Sometimes they return to real life and have real interactions with living human beings, but then this horrible urge kicks in which compels them to pull out their iPhone, their iPad or their Android device. Their PRECIOUS… (reference ‘Gollum’, The Hobbit films)

How in the world will people like that be able to cope with the harsh and difficult ‘realities’ in an environment stripped of their technological ‘Precious…’? Can these people actually think for themselves without their virtual online support group? Just saying…

482 Year Old Secret To Surviving SHTF…

What if I told you that NASA rediscovered a superfood that’s been lost to history for the past 482 years? It’s packed with more nutrients than any other food out there and last even longer than pemmican. In fact, it’s so easy to store and cheap to make, you might never need another emergency food.

Click here (or the video bellow)to see how you can make your own

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is untitled2.jpg

Normalcy Bias

Additionally, people, in general, suffer from a severe case of normalcy bias. Their perception of reality is influenced and filtered by their past, and expectations are such that things will remain on a given course (because it always has been that way – in their experience).

Life has been exceedingly (comparatively) easy during these past decades. Food and distribution are plentiful and available nearly everywhere – technology has softened our lives and has changed the way we live – we are living in relative peace time – we are entertained in countless ways – and things will always be this way… right?

What if part or all of this was stripped away? What would they do?

People can’t grasp or even contemplate that seemingly absurd new reality. I hope you did not miss the part of this article that said FEMA can’t provide enough food for a small island in case of emergency. Most Americans have only experienced the consequences of massive famine on their television screens. In 1981, in the movie The Road Warrior (played by Mel Gibson), this survivor in the apocalyptic wasteland of Australia experienced the results of widespread famine first hand. His way to survive: Dog food. Canned dog food. I can’t remember the brand name. Alpo maybe. But does it even matter? The point is this: In a time of mass famine following nuclear war or some catastrophic disaster that takes place, people who survive may find themselves eating things they would never imagine themselves ever capable of eating. Or you simply starve to death.  

Six months after deadly Hurricane Matthew destroyed crops and livestock along Haiti’s southern peninsula, life has become so desperate that Haitians are eating poisonous plants and living in caves to survive. On March 22 this year multiple media reports have found people are staving off hunger by eating poisonous plants or tree bark. Food for the Poor Foundation found 240 people, including 84 women and 62 children, living in a cave near Jérémie in Grand’Anse.

“They have no food. They have no water. They have no shelter,” Food For The Poor President and CEO Robin Mahfood said.


By Failing To Prepare, You Are Preparing To Fail—THE REALITY AND MORTAL DANGERS, OF NOT PREPPING

Hungry People Group Up

What happens if you have a few neighbors that are unprepared? Those without may band together, and go after those who have. Guess what? If your neighbors don’t see you out looking for food, begging for food, and instead simply locking yourself inside your home, in their minds they’re going to suspect you’re sitting on a bunch of food.

If enough hungry people band together, they may decide to take it from you by force.

Finally, after about three days of your neighbors going hungry it’s possible that someone will mention “pets”; when day five rolls around, and still no food, there’s a good chance that it’s going to be open season on pets, I’m talking cats and dogs.

Have Stocks of Food, Water to Combat Famine

Do you understand now why it’s important to have at least a few weeks of extra food and water on hand? A famine resulting from any number of disasters has the potential to wreak havoc fast on Western nations. Having not experienced true hunger before, it is likely to affect Westerners more than it does say people in third world countries.

It may not happen right away, in the first few days of food shortages. But after several weeks food may start becoming sparse around the neighborhood; local church pantries may start running dry (outside of a miraculous provision from God, which is always a possibility, looking at the Bible). And then the day is going to come when there is simply no more food around the neighborhood.

Knowing how a few of your neighbors may act, you might want to buy yourself a ton of cheap bulk food like rice and beans, in addition to your typical emergency food stocks. That way you can at least have something to give to your neighbors, and hopefully, keep them from turning on you, should they suspect that indeed you actually have quite a bit of food. Personally, I’m a Bible-believer and live by faith knowing God will provide for me as I provide for others. That’s a hard pill for some to swallow, especially in a time of disaster. But it has proven to be the case for me in modern times. I’ve been down to almost nothing several times and then miraculously God has provided.

Historically, the United States — unlike countries such as North Korea, for example — tries to make decisions that are in the best interests of its people. That’s the hope anyway; hope coming from the American people.

However, you shouldn’t assume that the United States will be able to come through for you. After all, if it wasn’t completely clear to you after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, and this year hurricane season, we are not in charge of nature.

Still, political policies will play a huge role in determining whether or not we survive a famine. However, since that is in essence outside of our control let’s talk about three other things that could help during a famine.

Preparation is the key to everything from coaching a football team to rallying your friends and family to survive during a hunger crisis or mass starvation. Thus, if you’re worried — and if you look around, you’ll probably realize that you should be — you might want to start buying non-perishable food items with a shelf-life of several years. At the same time, keep a revolving supply of non-perishable food items with a shelf life of just a few months. You can eat that food first and then turn to foods like freeze-dried food after you’ve gone through the good stuff.

After all, growing food and hunting when the demand is high will probably not always go your way. Most people are going to be unprepared and just unable to make growing and hunting food a tool to count on in a time of disaster.

Along with this, it would be prudent to get your hands on foods like white and brown rice, wheat, and beans. When appropriately packaged and stored, these foods can sometimes last for decades. Speaking of storing dry foods appropriately, here are some things to consider:

1. Have #10 cans on hand (so you can do your own canning).

2. Have foil pouches (made multilayer laminated plastic and aluminum).

3. Buy a number of bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate (PETE bottles). These are used for long-term dry food storage.

Further, dry foods should be stored at a temperature of 75 degrees F/ 24 degrees C or lower (recommended). If this prerequisite cannot be met, the foods should be rotated. Beyond that, moisture should be kept to a minimum (one way to help this along is to keep containers off the floor).

Also, keep things like cooking oil and long-term storage items (oftentimes in PETE bottles) out of the light. And, of course, keep all foods protected in pouches or bottles (as this will serve many functions, one of which is to protect from insects/rodents).

Finally, to help reduce the threat of moisture, include oxygen absorbing packets in food storage containers.

There are several ways you can use these, so read the directions carefully. In fact, teach yourself the proper ways of using oxygen absorbing packets. Serious problems can occur when directions aren’t followed correctly (this is true for food storage in general, not just oxygen absorbing packets).

When in doubt, check with professionals in the field.

Last, but certainly not least, there are the perishable items. Obviously, meats will need to be stored frozen. Further, it would be prudent to consume these first. The same can be said for fresh vegetables and fruit. Don’t go into your dry food stash until it’s needed.

Famine is a broad topic that can come about for a host of reasons. The way to combat famine can change depending on the situation.

Seriously consider a back-up supply of food and water to support you and your family for up to 90 days or longer.

Just in case things get really chaotic in the world, you may want to have a back-up supply of food and water that can last you and your family six months or more, and then plans for resupplying your food and water as it runs low.

With disaster and probable famine looming on the horizon, due to the number of threats all seemingly lining up with the times we’re living in, stocking up on non-perishable foods , large jugs of water, and cash— if your bank is closed indefinitely or there is no power for an extended period, credit and debit cards will be useless — as well as things to barter with like ammunition, water filtration devices, and bulk coffee may be a smart move.

Also, I highly recommend this book to everyone. 300 pages, color, paperback. The Lost Book of Remedies is helping Americans achieve medical self-sufficiency even in the darkest times using the time-tested methods of our grandparents without spending lots of money on toxic drugs and without side effects. A great asset when doctors and hospitals won’t be available anymore. You may not be Claude Davis, but you can make use of his procedures and techniques to increase your chances of survival!

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A breakthrough experiment from Colorado, USA with 45 volunteers has proven that by eating this prickly flower you can completely kill food cravings! It is 5x more effective than exercise….and 6x more effective than any diet! And guess what? They found its 3x MORE effective than gastric bypass surgery at eliminating cravings for sugar and starchy foods!==> Prickly Flower Eliminates Food Cravings & Burns Away Fat

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14 thoughts on “When Hunger Crisis Unfolds, There Is No One Coming To Your Rescue-Get Over It And PREPARE With That Thought In Mind

  1. Good information thank you. Everybody should prepare for the coming famine. Store food folks.

    I have one warning, and hope you can learn from my mistake. I bought tons of food because of this covid19 virus threath and stored it in my dark cool basement. Ok but problem was the mice.. they had party all spring consuming food which was packaged in flexible packagings.. also laminated PET packagings were torn open. Lots of it spoiled..

    Sad but lesson learned. Beware of mice.


    1. Get a cat or two, keep food in 5 gal buckets w/lids, put out mose traps, and folks do not feed others, they will end up killing for food. We will not be able to trust anyone outside our family or close knit friends who have also prepped w/food.


  2. While I don’t think of myself as a Eugenicist I do understand that people live and people die. I am not going to snivel about humans dying, because thousands die ever day around our planet. I will not waste my time or my preparedness on those who wantonly defied the obvious need for preparation. If they are that stupid then maybe we don’t need their genetics altering the genetic bell curve with outliers too stupid to get out of their own way !
    Our country is crumbling from the inside out and if you want to live you have better quickly figure out how to protect yourself and your investments, (which also includes your familial relationships) !


    1. Forearmed: totally agree, Majority of us have no time or money to feed the whole subdivision. Stupid people: those who ‘s left brain is dead air. Left brain is used for logic and critical thinking skills, yet nowdays, few have this function.


  3. Food riots are coming next as protests over police brutality now weakens. Those who wish to survive have only a few remaining months (if not weeks) to flee the cities before complete lock-downs of the cities are imposed.

    Establish a rural retreat location & begin growing your own food immediately if you wish to survive. Or remain trapped in the urban centers where your chances of survival beyond the Nov. elections (which appear increasingly less likely to take place) plummet to statistically zero.


    1. Not much of a gardener, are you? A little late to plant if you expect to harvest anything mature enough to eat. If you are NOW thinking of doing something, well, better plan a LOT better….for next time…if there is one!


      1. Kack, there are many things that can be planted this late in the year where I am at in the south. And I am just now sprouting seeds for my winter garden to be planted in mid July/August. It’s definitely not the time to start a spring garden, but not time to wait until next year either if you haven’t started yet.

        You can also grow lettuce indoors with the Kratke method so you can have fresh greens year round with almost no effort, and that can be started now.

        Food production is the future…. And the future CAN start now.


      2. No need for the snarky comments! And NO it is NOT “a little late to plant” Still time for those who haven’t yet planted depending one one’s environment & geography (who’s the poor gardener here?) Not even summer yet, still 12 days away. My advice was intended for those like (yourself) who have yet to prepare & take the needed steps to avoid becoming cannon fodder.


      3. P.S. I also never offer advice to others I haven’t already personally employed in my own life!


  4. If you want to sell the book please cut to the chase, put a purchase now place at the bottom of the video. I just would like to purchase the book. But I don’t care to watch an extended video to get to it.


  5. Funny how no mention at all of food production. One sentence about finding a way to replenish food is about it.

    i took some of my “stimulus money” and expanded my chicken yard, bought an incubator, and will be raising chickens for both eggs and meat. Chickens are easy to keep, take up little room, and lay an egg 2 out of every three days for most breeds. The eggs hatch in 21 days and can be ready to eat in as little as 60 days after that.

    If one person raised chickens efficiently, on a small half acre place, they could very easily keep hundreds of chickens, which could potentially feed hundreds of people. And make the chicken farmer enough to live well and trade for just about anything he would need. A small suburban backyard operation could easily handle 20 chickens and provide food for 10 people all year round.

    Point is, you are giving good advice as far as stocking up on whats available now, but that is not enough and only guarantees that famine will arrive at your door.

    Food production will be needed. And if there are many local food producers, there will be no famine to begin with and everybody can eat. With winter gardens and locally canned fresh farm items, the local people can eat good all year long and have a good variety of things.

    If you want to store a lot of canned foods, that’s great. But it’s also short sited and selfish. Why try to feed only yourself, when you can feed yourself and 50 other people? And if only 1000 people did that, they could feed a good size city.

    Don’t just work to survive yourself. You will survive but end up living in a world you don’t want to live in. Instead, work to make sure that FREEDOM and LIBERTY survive by helping to create a place that can survive well without government interference or dependence.


    1. VERY good points. I also have cattle but the chickens are really the daily prize. Keep bugs and snakes at bay as well!


    2. Excellent ! chickens; our granddaughter used an incubator to hatch out even more. we give away at least 5 or 6 dozen eggs a week. chickens give eggs, eat bugs and fertilize the yard; it’s win, win, win and all natural. two faced yuppies (Springfield, MO) who are SO concerned about the environment fought tooth and nail to prevent people from having chickens in back yards. they could not stand for people to have any degree of independence. finally, it passed and allows suburbs to have 6 hens with no roosters.


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