Your Family Survival Will Depend On A Long Term Plan Not On A Government Rescue—Tips for Long-Term Survival

There are many people in the U.S. planning for hard times these days because of the hole COVID-19 situation, but even those numbers are just a small percentage of the entire population. Most people still believe the government line that everything is getting better. They want to believe life will go on as always because the alternative is too much for them to think about.

Those that are preparing have made the mental leap required to prepare themselves for a future that is less than normal. They have reduced their spending on normal consumer items and reallocated those resources to items that will help their families cope with disruptions in the future. They are preparing for the uncertain times ahead.

Most of these people are imagining a time when resources are cut off or hard to find for a period of time. They are trying to imagine the worst-case scenario and prepare to get through those times intact. They are storing supplies to meet their needs for this period of time. While that is a good idea and will benefit them greatly when the time comes, it may not be enough.

The future that stands before us will be a period of catastrophic change. Things will not be as they once were and they may never be that way again in our lifetimes. It is for this reason that planning for a period of disruption may not be enough. A longer-term plan may be required to ensure sufficient resources for the rest of your life.

This will require you to think bigger than you have and develop a plan that goes far beyond your current stores. It does not have to be a big plan or an expensive one, it merely has to provide you with a roadmap to help you maintain a reasonable standard of living.

Your first reaction to this maybe, I don’t have the resources to prep now so that is just not possible. You need to keep in mind that any plan of action starts out as a written plan to act as a guide. It will cost you nothing but some of your time to think about possible actions you can take in the future and write them down. That is always the first step to solving problems that seem too big to handle by yourself. As you write them down and address problems one at a time the bigger problem will become many smaller problems you can easily solve.

There are no guarantees for the future. The way you live today will likely change in the near future. When those changes happen you may not have the ability to live as you do now. Your income and living situation may change and when they do you will have to come up with solutions. If you have already come up with solutions and planned a course of action when it is necessary, it will be easier for you to remain calm and confident as you change your lifestyle to cope with the changing conditions. Here are some questions you will need to answer to get you started in your long-term planning.


By Failing To Prepare, You Are Preparing To Fail—THE REALITY AND MORTAL DANGERS, OF NOT PREPPING

How will you feed yourself?

Where will you live and what kind of shelter will you have?

How will you provide clean water to drink and cook?

What will you do for clothing?

What kind of sanitation will you have?

How will you stay healthy and provide medical care?

What will you do for transportation?

What kind of communications will you have to stay informed?

What kind of security will you have to stay safe?

What energy resources will you need and how will you provide them?

What will you do to earn money or trade for goods?

What special equipment will you need to live and prosper in the future?

These are some of the questions you must be able to answer to ensure your living conditions are sufficient in the long term. Simply answering these questions now will provoke you into thinking about possible solutions to future problems that you may not want to think about right now. Keep in mind that your living conditions will likely change radically in the future whether you plan for it or not so you will make it much easier on yourself if you think about it now.

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When answering questions about the future keep in mind that you must be thinking about providing resources for years and not just a few months. This will mean you must have a plan to produce or procure resources in some sustainable way. The more resources you can produce yourself the easier time you will have procuring them. Any production you have will also provide you with goods to sell or trade. Thinking through this type of situation will many times provide you with solutions to problems simply by solving other problems. The more thinking you do now, the less you will suffer in the future.

The age of lightning-quick world news has brought almost cinematic tragedy to our televisions and computer screens. Homes destroyed. People stranded without food or clean water. Weary souls huddled under blue tarps waiting for someone to do something. Unfortunately, many people see these images and still maintain a sense of intentional denial that it can’t happen to them.

Those that have taken heed, though, and are diligently preparing for something they hope will never happen. The ability to survive on your own without any governmental support has gained popularity over the last few years. Events like Hurricane Katrina and the past year storm’s and earthquakes seemed to have been a wake-up call. In the end, it will be up to individuals to manage an existence in the event of a major catastrophe. So the question is, how long are you willing to prepare for?

One Week

As we have seen with major storms across the country, Mother Nature is capable of pushing us back 100 years in moments. Power can be severely disrupted and water supplies can be tainted. When coupled with the physical hazards of a storm, finding these resources can be a challenge. There are basics steps everyone should take regardless of whether or not they live in an area prone to storms and other natural disasters.

Water is critical and should be seen as a priority one. Avoid using tap water after a major event unless it has been cleared by authorities. You should keep the water stored in your house. It is recommended that you store a gallon of water per day. Multiply this times the number of people in your household and you will get an idea of how much water you really need. If you have been warned of an imminent emergency, then you can also capture water from your tap before the system goes down. Companies such as WaterBob sell specific kits to help you safely and sanitarily store water in the bathtub for long periods.

Store non-perishable food. These can be emergency-type meals or the readily available MRE (meals ready to eat). These items will need to be storable without refrigeration since power will be unreliable. One of the best places to get these meals is at

Your emergency kit should include a serious and durable flashlight like a SureFire G2X Pro, extra batteries, an emergency hand-crank radio such as the Midland ER102, candles, and a first-aid kit with any medications needed. Additionally, glow sticks can be a safer alternative to candles. Waterproof matches are also one of the most important items to include in this survival kit.

One of the major problems faced during major events is the loss of power. Because of this, you should consider a generator. Safely store fuels for the generator and keep a regular maintenance schedule for it. A name respected in this field is Honda. They make a variety of generators to fit any need.

If there is a major event, ATMs will not be functioning because of power outages. In this type of environment cash is king. This same lack of electricity will eliminate the ability to use credit cards because the card readers will be lifeless. The amount of cash you have on hand should be balanced with safety. Never let anyone know you are keeping cash, and store it someplace safe.

One Month 

With a week under our belts, we need to look further down the road. We will not spend time theorizing on just why you would have to be on your own for a prolonged period of time, but rather how you will do it. If you are willing to plan for a month, then we need to expand your planning to accommodate this longer period. Let’s keep everything previously listed but modify it by adding a few things.

With your newly extended timeline, you should consider a water filtration system. You would be challenged for space trying to store a month’s worth of water. Add to that the fact that you may have to be mobile, making it impossible. The upside to the new awareness regarding disaster preparedness is that companies have begun selling their wares. On that list is Katadyn. It makes hand-operated water filtration systems to fit any need. The Katadyn Expedition is portable and easy to use.

While they serve a vital role, emergency meals are not known for their culinary palette. You should plan on storing vegetables either in specialized containers, or canning. Be sure that these items are stored in water-safe areas. Anything exposed to flood-type waters can be contaminated. You can also store simple canned meals like ravioli and soup. 

Your emergency kit should evolve with your extended timeline as well. You are encouraged to begin with a preloaded kit like the Chinook Medical Gear Emergency Preparedness Medical Kit Level 3. Include in that any medications you will need during that time. Be diligent and know the expiration dates so you can change them out appropriately. 

An additional kit we will call “general gear” needs to join the list. This kit should have basic tools like pliers, screwdrivers, and a hammer. It should also include baling wire, duct tape (you knew it was coming), twine, and rope. These basic tools can help you manage general repairs until the dust settles.

While some spending cash was handy for the week-long challenge, it is critical if you are going it alone for a month. Never carry your entire reserve with you, and make certain to have a secure storage area for it. Once you hit the month’s timeframe, bartering will become a common practice as well. But we’ll talk more about that ahead.

As we get into a months-long survival situation, fuel for your generator will start to be hard to come by. With power gone, fuel pumps will sit quietly as society tries to move along. Ration your fuel and only use it when absolutely necessary. You should start gathering dry wood at this point in order to build heating and cooking fires.

Weapons should be considered if you are serious about month-long survival. Society has a way of falling apart when major events occur. Most folks will drive on and do their best to survive until order can be reestablished. Some, however, see it as an opportunity to cause chaos. This crowd will not prepare for a prolonged challenge, and they may see you as a source for something they need. They may not ask politely. It will be a desperate time for many, and they have the potential to take serious measures. At a minimum, you should have a semi-auto pistol chambered in 9mm. One of the most popular is the Glock 17. Its polymer frame and ease of use make it a good defense weapon. If you choose this route, seek professional training. Another solid choice is a shotgun because it can double as a hunting weapon. A solid choice is the 12-gauge Mossberg 590. It is reliable and effective. A firearm is a serious business, and you should be schooled in its function as part of your prepping. 

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Six Months

Well, things are pretty grim at this point, but not hopeless. If you are planning on preparing for six months on your own, then we need to expand and adjust our planning once again.

A portable water filtration system has limitations in regards to how much water it can process before the filter gives up. Katadyn is still our go-to source for pumps, but it would be prudent to have two units now, along with larger water storage containers.

At the six-month point, you might consider growing some of your own food. Vegetable seeds are hearty and can be stored in cool, dry places for long amounts of time. You should also consider developing your hunting and fishing skills. This should only supplement your existing food stores, however. Trying to “live off the land” is extremely difficult and requires a dedicated effort to succeed. This is especially true for those who don’t have a background in these skills.

While rife with challenges of its own, a stand-alone fuel tank can be the difference between electricity and darkness. Moving away from petroleum may be an option as well. Fuel tanks are a common sight in many rural areas. People and companies install them to help manage their fuel without having to hit the gas station constantly.

Again, you’ll need to expand your emergency first-aid kit and general gear kit to reflect your extended challenge. You should also seek advanced first-aid training in the event a serious problem occurs.

Emergency cash to last six months can be a challenge in the best of times. While you should still keep cash, you should also prepare yourself with items people may barter for. Food and water will be like gold if a six-month challenge arises. Right alongside those will be demand for batteries, flashlights, simple tools, rope, and other “nice to have” items. Clothing will also start to become an issue now. Six months of living a hard life will wear out the best jeans and shoes. Add several sets of new clothes to your preparation area along with extra boots. You should also consider cold-weather gear since the seasons will be moving by and it could be brutally cold depending on your location.

When you consider the six-month timeframe, a firearm is not really optional at this point. This now applies to both personal protection and hunting, so we will add a rifle to the mix. Your hunting skill and location will determine what rifle you choose. A seasoned deer hunter in the Midwest could choose a Remington 700 as a versatile rifle. Someone trapped in the suburbs may need a Henry Arms AR-7 survival rifle in .22 LR. This design is small, portable, and great for small-game hunting.

A solid “best of both worlds” rifle is the AR. Lightweight and easy to use, it is capable of taking deer-sized prey as well as small game. A solid choice for a reliable AR-15 would be something from the Daniel Defense lineup. The company makes a variety of configurations to fit your personal preferences. The AR platform is a solid deterrent against two-legged predators as well.

At the six-month point, people will be desperate and your supplies will be noticed. The one crucial add-on to any firearm is ammunition. Store as much as you safely can. Break up the ammo and store it in more than one location in case one lot is damaged or stolen.

One Year

At this point, you are homesteading. You will have to provide everything you need in order to survive. How you prepare at this point is crucial. Once the event happens, it may be almost impossible to expand your cache. The images of empty grocery store shelves prior to a hurricane will be nothing compared to a year-long catastrophe.

Water will be an ongoing challenge at this point. People serious about long-term survival and preparedness collect and further purify rainwater as a means of improving their water reserves. Another method of long-term water management is boiling large amounts and then storing it. This is effective against bacteria and other organisms, but you should be cautious about chemical contamination as well.

A garden and livestock of some type are going to become important during a year-long crisis. Canned and emergency food will go quickly and you must have an additional source. Chickens are at the top of many people’s lists because they are small and produce eggs. Goats are often included in this mix as well because of their relatively small size. If gardens, goats, and chickens seem overwhelming to you, then seek training. There are preparedness groups around the country that teach the basics in these topics.

Although your generator has performed well, it’s time to start looking for other options. Fuel availability after a year of nothing but survival will be slim. A solid choice for non-petroleum energy is solar. A well-made solar unit with battery packs can run even a moderate-sized house.

It is also time for you to become a master of bartering goods and services. Cash will begin to lose its appeal for a variety of reasons. Plan ahead and double or triple the items we discussed before. If possible, make your garden large enough that you can plant extra produce. This will make it easier for you to barter what you’ve grown for what you need.

Clothes are still going to important, but the ability to repair them now becomes a necessity. Sewing supplies, as well as extra material for patches, is a must. For those who are handy, you can also begin to make your own clothing as a longer-term solution. 

Always remember, if a national emergency goes on for a year, it will be a tough time. As we mentioned earlier, most people will not be prepared. You should plan on having to defend yourself as well as your supplies. This seems almost unfathomable, but it is a reality.

For your safety and the safety of those around you, it’s very important for you to never discuss what you have in your cache. This is as important during good times as it is bad. The cliché comment seen on social media by the unprepared regarding preppers is “I know where I am going if things get bad.” The idea is that they will storm the property of the prepper and take what they need. The best way to avoid this is not to advertise your actions. Quietly prepare and be diligent about protecting your cache. 

Worst-Case Scenario

We have wrapped up our suggestions at the one-year mark. However, there are places such as post-earthquake Haiti, or the collapse in Venezuela that shows us a year may not be enough for a government to respond. The planning going beyond a year really is more about personal preparation than it is goods.

You must learn fundamental skills ranging from gardening to emergency medicine in the field. The fact we must face is simple: A disaster can happen to any of us. Even in the most advanced country in the world, we are susceptible to cataclysmic events capable of leaving us alone and without any support. How you survive will be up to you.

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When things that are old go viral again on the internet, I take a moment and ask myself why there seems to be a resurgence or at least I try and ascertain why it is trying to get attention especially when most people are unaware of its origins. This is what I was trying to analyze back when the Momo phenomenon was resurrected and parents Teachers and the local PTA panicked in much the same way people are panicked initially over videos of Chinese spitting blood and dying in the streets allegedly because of COVID-19.

Looking back, we may want to resolve that much of what we were seeing was part of what can be called a massive psychological operation in order to gin up the fear in the United States.

The question is who was behind the psy-op because we know how effective it was and how we are now in a panic over a virus that is randomly lethal and has a 98% recovery rate.

Regardless of how ambiguous the science is on the matter at hand and regardless of whether or not your politics will allow you to understand that a lot of what is happening is security theater, there is information that is trying to get through about the winter that needs to be at least discussed now –while you still have time to prepare.

An old commercial for an Ubisoft game called Tom Clancy’s, The Division Dark Winter has been going viral for some reason as if it were some sort of predictive programming that was launched in 2013.

The video is chilling but what is unfortunate is that I am sure most people who see it think that it is some sort of a fictional story that coincidentally predicted the future; in fact, at the end of the trailer for the video game there is an eclipsed sun — and all we see is its corona.

Dark Winter is not fiction, even though the video game trailer may put some fictional scares in it to get people to buy the game.

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Are You Ready To Go Into SURVIVAL MODE? The more people that have supplies, the less desperation and potential crime there will be

Now many of you know that two years ago, I did a lecture on Clade X. At the time, it was the table top exercise to pay attention to because it dealt with an unknown pathogen that authorities in my opinion were eluding to the possibility that the Clade of its origin was extraterrestrial.

During the lecture, I mentioned two other table top exercises one that were carried out before the 9/11 attacks and one that was carried out in 2005. While most people are aware of the October 2019 exercise called Event 201 – there were at least two other exercises that some people are saying may mirror the coming winter of 2020.

In 2001 there was Dark Winter, in 2005 there was Atlantic Storm.

These exercises were funded and carried out by the same financial backers of the institute that was granted a U.S. patent for “an attenuated coronavirus” in November 2018. The patent was filed in July 2015. by the Pirbright Institute. Some of the major backers of the Pirbright Institute include the World Health Organization, the European Commission, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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I need to emphasize that what I am telling you is not conspiracy theory – these psychological operations have been carried out as drills for possible future scenarios involving an outbreak or biological attack and how the weather can create a scenario where the house of cards tumbles down and along with it our fragile society.

Dark Winter and Atlantic Storm were both aligned in predicting the release of a biological pathogen during a massive winter storm. The pathogen was spread on Black Friday during a major winter storm on the Atlantic Coast.

The end game talking points after the operations were:

Preparation will matter
“Increased knowledge and awareness are essential”
“Homeland security must look abroad”
“The World Health Organization’s authority must be aligned with expectations”
“Effective communication between nations and with the public is critical”
Adequate medical countermeasures must be developed
“Biosecurity is one of the great global security challenges of the 21st century”

Again, Operation Dark Winter was the code name for a senior-level bio-terrorist attack simulation conducted from June 22–23, 2001, which was designed to carry out a mock version of a covert bio-weapon’s attack on the United States. The players involved in this were the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies (CCBS) and Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), and the project designers were Randy Larsen and Mark DeMier of Analytic Services.

It is very interesting that the same Johns Hopkins along with the evil Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation conducted Event 201, a coronavirus “simulation” just this past October, on the verge of this so-called pandemic. The same players, same objectives, but now it is real.

So far the Dark Winter and Atlantic Storm scenarios have not materialized but there are some people that are now saying that it appears that authorities are talking about a worse scenario where COVID-19 combined with a colder than normal summer and winter will fulfill that tabletop scenario.

Rick Bright, the former director of the Department of Health and Human Services’ Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, and claimed whistleblower, has been all over the mainstream news as of late projecting the “darkest winter in modern history.”

Using this term was no accident, and in fact was meant as propaganda to frighten and alarm the populace that the second wave of the virus will happen and if we are to look back at the table top exercise it will happen because of a cooler than normal summer and a harsh winter that will keep the Atlantic Seaboard in a winter long lockdown.

The authorities are already preparing us for the possibility by indicating that not only are we seeing a “lockdown” of the sun due to sunspot inactivity but that also there are plans to continue to dim the sun in an effort to curb global warming.

Coincidentally here have been some unbelievably cold temperatures happening in the United States for the month of May as temperatures have dropped because of a Polar vortex over the Northeast– meanwhile Fairbanks Alaska clocked in at 82 degrees in the Pacific Northwest last week.

How is it there are such anomalous cold events on an ever rapidly warming planet?

While many of us have grown a bit tired of a lockdown — scientists have now determined that the sun is on lock down and the dears of global warming should be calmed as cooler temperatures are coming to the planet and possibly areas of the world that will be in famine.

The sun has entered into what is called “lockdown” which some scientists are warning could produce freezing weather, earthquakes, and famine in the near future. According to a report from the New York Post, The sun is currently in a period of “solar minimum,” meaning activity on its surface has fallen dramatically.

It is no accident that scientist are calling it “lockdown” these are buzzwords that they want to make sure we hear – loud and clear.

Scientists believe we are about to enter the deepest period of “recession” for the sun that has ever been recorded as sunspots have virtually disappeared. Astronomer Dr. Tony Phillips recently stated: “Solar Minimum is underway and it’s a deep one.” “Sunspot counts suggest it is one of the deepest of the past century.

The sun’s magnetic field has become weak, allowing extra cosmic rays into the solar system.” “Excess cosmic rays pose a health hazard to astronauts and polar air travelers, affect the electro-chemistry of Earth’s upper atmosphere, and may help trigger lightning.”

According to the report, NASA scientists fear this event could produce be a repeat of the Dalton Minimum, which took place between 1790 and 1830 and lead to periods of brutal cold, crop loss, famine, earthquakes and powerful volcanic eruptions.

History showed that temperatures plummeted by up to 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) over 20 years, devastating the world’s food production. On April 10, 1815, the second-largest volcanic eruption in 2,000 years took place at Mount Tambora in Indonesia, killing at least 71,000 people.

The event also led to the so-called “Year Without a Summer” in 1816 — also nicknamed “eighteen hundred and froze to death” — when there was snow in July. Thus far in 2020, the sun has been “blank” with no sunspots 76 percent of the time, a rate surpassed only once before in the Space Age.

Last year the sun was 77 percent blank.

There is also the ever looming report of sun dimming projects that are meant to cool the planet through geoengineering.

Engineered snow storms are a major part of the ongoing climate engineering assault on our biosphere. Massive fluctuations of temperatures and conditions accompany such unnatural events. It is now becoming apparent that many so called natural weather anomalies are not natural any longer.

The way to tell if the weather has been engineered is to monitor temperature spikes and how unnatural occurrences such has softball sized hail and snow are falling during days that are above freezing are happening around the country.

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How can there be so much snow after such high temperatures? Are we to think it should be snowing at temperatures in the 40s not far away from the forecast temperatures of 85 degrees or more in Chicago and areas even further north?

It is like the country is having microclimates as temperatures can top the 80’s in one part of the area and have snow an hour’s drive away. Weather modification patents are everywhere now and stratospheric aerosol injections are now part of a CIA program to cool the earth.

Barium and Ammonium are elements named in some “ice nucleation for weather modification” patents. The combination of these elements causes an “endothermic” reaction that can lower temperatures from 70 degrees to as low as -30.

The entire climate system is being effected to a degree that cannot truly be known. There is in essence no “natural” weather at this point since the entire climate system is being derailed and disrupted from too many directions to comprehend. Are such constantly occurring engineered events skewing global climate data overall? There can be no question about this fact.

Though it is impossible to know the full range of chemicals being used for the artificial ice nucleation of these toxic engineered storms, we know the snow is laden with toxic metals and chemicals in most cases. The elements found in lab testing match known primary elements named in numerous artificial ice nucleation for weather modification patents.

Geoengineering the climate to halt Global Warming has been discussed almost as long as the threat of warming itself. American researchers back in the 1960s suggested floating billions of white objects such as golf balls on the oceans to reflect sunlight. In 1977, Cesare Marchetti of the Austria-based International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis discussed ways of catching all of Europe’s CO2 emissions and injecting them into sinking Atlantic Ocean currents.

But all of this applied mad science is in effect a way to induce planetary chemotherapy that can harm the ecosystem.

Speaking for the climate mainstream, activists such as Greta Thunberg stress that only a drastic push toward Net Zero carbon emissions can save the world. But, as Thunberg readily admits, the politics to achieve this don’t exist. If anything, the events of the past decade, including the failure of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change are actually pushing this mad science into the forefront.

Is it any wonder that she was called to be on a CNN panel for COVID-19? Her push for Net Zero means drastic measure to reduce carbon to cool the planet and what these measures would do is push the planet into a new kind of vulnerability.

Some computer models suggest it could lead to much less rain, and a botched project could disrupt key weather patterns such as the Indian monsoon and the rains that sustain the Amazon. Recent studies suggest it would make food crops less productive.

The answer of course will be the push for GMO crops and again the decimation of farms and the cutbacks because of increased food demand.

This would guarantee a famine, scarcity economies would have to form and new technologies would swallow up all of opportunity for organics in the infrastructure.

The grim politics of net-zero could leave geoengineering as a final gambit. Unlike carbon abatement, there’s no need for a global consensus to launch it. It just takes one decision-maker to use fear to convince everyone that runaway climate change is worth eliminating through geoengineering.

None of this is coincidence, none of it is accidental, but it is sinister. If things continue as they have been, and this lockdown remains in place, whether fully or partially, the anticipation of this “dark winter” will be on the minds of most all Americans, especially if it is continually used as the threat of things to come.

With that in the minds of the people, they will be expecting the worst, and will probably get exactly what they expect;  an extension of lockdown or a restart happening sometime either during Thanksgiving or Christmas of 2020 where they will warn families not to gather at these times.

The cooler climate will keep COVID-19 spreading – the spread may slowdown but phase two some say will be the scenarios first proposed during the Dark Winter and Atlantis Storm exercises.

The current government plan, regardless of what is partially opened this summer, is to continue to mandate social distancing and masks as some sort of faux protection against a promulgated threat, to continue to expose dissenters that refuse to comply with government orders, and to use more force to stop any dissent.

In addition, testing as many people as possible with flawed tests will continue, and more demands to test will be forthcoming. While that is happening, the contact tracing of individuals will become more and more evident at public gatherings and in the Shopping Malls this winter. Be advised that there is also plans for door to door visits form Health security officials during the harsh winter that will of course conduct welfare checks, provide food and services if needed and they may discourage family gatherings for the holidays.

The government has announced that a contract for $138 million has been issued to fund production of 500 million pre-filled COVID-19 vaccine “injection devices,” this before any vaccine is available or tested.” As any should be able to see, this is a complex, but easily identifiable plot that is coming to fruition very quickly and with little resistance. It is planned down to the last detail, just as were all the practice runs that were acted out in the past.

President Trump is already planning on mobilizing the military this winter to administer vaccines. People are asking why – the reason is apparently evident. As tracking technology is advanced and implemented nationwide. All of this is leading to this current crisis stage’s ultimate goal, which is forced mass vaccination by the winter of 2020.

Multiple agendas are being advanced, and the destruction of the economy and the resulting dependence of the population on government are going forward and being accepted. Pending legislation to print more money and dole it out to those out of work is already in process, as $3 trillion will most likely be distributed in small part to appease those not working, but most of that newly printed money will be used to continue the transfer of wealth to the few at the top.

Even though we may be seeing a reopening of many parts of the country it is wise to be prepared for another lockdown that will make life even more difficult this winter.

Knowing is preparing – understanding the trajectory and what has been already rehearsed needs to be considered. You can either err on the side of caution or you can be part of the herd that in its terror starts to come apart.

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One of the age old arguments that fuels most conspiracy talk is that science and religion are both wrong in some respects. The reason is that everyone argues over religion and science based on his or her own beliefs. Inconvenient data is often ignored, suppressed, discredited or explained in some pre-digested sound bite that is often forgotten.

People who claim that they have awakened or have seen the light are very much aware that all things are in an intermediate state between extremes. In the fundamental sense the extremes are birth and death. All that is in between is intermediate. You can divide it all up and break it all down into an eternal state of extremes and realize that everything that you believe and read is what is fashionable for the time and not necessarily the truth.

However, that does not mean that buried in all of it isn’t a little pinch of reality.

What is reality anyway? Can it be questioned? Yes, of course it can and that is the fundamental building block for scientific inquiry.

Scientific inquiry is a process of developing an explanation of a question in the natural world (or universe) by testing, investigating and collecting data that will either support or refute your original idea of what’s going on.

Of course, many of us take for granted that science gives us facts, and so we do not question the programming of those so called “facts.”

However, a healthy mind willing to question doesn’t mind getting into all of the messy scientific methods to prove the facts for themselves the process of testing ideas by collecting evidence.

Unfortunately, those who wish to disassemble the scientific explanations already provided by some nebulous authorities are now being frowned upon and are now being called anti-science.

The very scientific method used to question data provided by scientists is now being called anti-science, a label that should have every one of us worried.

There are some people who see themselves as critical thinkers. They question some of the data that is being presented as “true” data by some nebulous body that are faceless scientists that give us their hypothesis on many of the most pressing matters that face us today, especially when they give us their doom models, and potential body counts with COVID-19.

Even though we are vigilant in trying to stop the spread of the disease, what is most unfortunate is that even though it has been reported that we have flattened the curve – the technocrats now say that it is not enough.

They have moved the goal post from flattening to decline.

While the country as a whole has successfully flattened the curve, it has yet to show the extended period of decline necessary to declare ourselves out of the woods — a “squashing” of the curve. The same applies to most states. While a small number have sustained a long squashing period, most are still rising and falling day by day.

They want us all to wait it out unto a vaccine is found. In the meantime, the first scary part our ordeal is over but there are those who are still willing to talk about things like relapse, continued social distancing and the idea that it will be with us forever. The flu and many other diseases have been with us forever, and they cause death but we have not stopped down or shut down normal life over it.

It is not wise for scientists to keep telling people they are going to die when there are positive things happening. It is not wise to continue to push models that are not real time as if they are to discourage people into thinking that things will be normal.

This is a psy-op and it will result in many people giving up and dying from despair and losing their will to live.

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Before science fiction author Michael Crichton died, he was ostracized for a speech that he gave on the subject of Complexity Theory and Environmental management. Michael criticized environmental groups for failing to incorporate complexity theory in their doom mongering projections of the effects of global warming. Crichton boldly chastised those who inflated projected cataclysm from global warming and encouraged them to factor in the possibility that a complex system such as the ecosystem can and will be resilient.

Crichton said that the psychological impact of fearing any predicted cataclysmic event can be far worse than the event itself. What got Crichton into trouble was his assessment of “Global Warming Fear Mongering.” He stated, “Authoritatively telling people they are going to die can in itself be fatal.”

Junk science and doomsayer fear mongering has thrown out the aspects of complexity theory and its effects on the environment and even diseases and catastrophes.

No one even brings up the idea of resilience of systems and how healing processes and even antidotes show promise and that the human body is surprisingly resilient even when it faces its own mortality.

It is all in how the information we get is framed – it is all about context – it is delivered with an agenda and even though you are doing the right thing by being prudent and ethical there comes a point where you have to stop and ask yourself why people are reacting the way they do to the news.

When we hear of all of the special words and Orwellian speak with regard to COVID-19 there are a few words that seem to be overused “Uncertain times” “Unprecedented” and sometimes but not often “Biblical in Scope.”

In 1928, W.I. Thomas came up with a very interesting theory. He said that “If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences.” This is what has eventually become known as Thomas Theorem.

His idea was that an interpretation of a situation causes the action. This interpretation is not objective. Actions are affected by subjective perceptions of situations. Whether there even is an objectively correct interpretation is not important for the purposes of helping guide individuals’ behavior.

If we are told, we live in uncertain times – then we most certainly we will second guess our decisions.

If we are told that things are “unprecedented’ we are to assume that our situation has not happened before.

Calling something “biblical” is the big one in my opinion because then you start thinking about prophecy, punishment and God’s wrath and whether or not it still exists like it did in the old testament.

What it all boils down to is who delivers these magic words and how things are framed.

Therefore, all prophecies, events and fulfillments must be declared fulfilled by an authority that most people can agree is objective. This also in my opinion means that we will never know a true fulfillment of prophecy. We will never be able to get an honest disclosure.

There will always be the smirk and smug skeptic who will rule out anything that might even fulfill prophecy, declare a supernatural moment as valid and develop a faith based movement through time that allows for probabilities to manifest. There are things that people think and believe are in existence, but only because they have faith that it is true.

Now if one has experienced an unexplainable event and they have no evidence of the strange event happening to them, does this mean it never happened to them? Is there a time where we can explain to people that absence of proof is not necessarily proof of absence?

I have had a lot of listeners asking question about how COVID-19 seems to be a biblical punishment after I had commented about the scourge of cacodemons that are released during plagues.

A listener called in to talk about Nergal, a lesser known Assyrian demon that many scholars have said had something to do with the 10 plagues of Egypt. In the late Babylonian astral-theological system Nergal is related to the planet Mars. As a fiery god of destruction and war, Nergal doubtless seemed an appropriate choice for the red planet, and he was equated by the Greeks to the war-god Aries. Nergal was depicted early on as either a rooster or a lion headed demon – but eventually was depicted as another bull horned demon.

Again this demon or destroyer brings the image of the Exodus into the present as Aries is the Zodiac sign of the first born, which died in the 10th plague of Egypt.

We have left Aries and are now in the sign of Taurus the Bull. Nergal and Taurus are in the image of the “bucranium” in the midst of the fire and smoke. The “bucranium” was an ancient symbol of the “beast.” The “beast” of course was a “horned god” associated with “Zeus,” “Aries” and “Taurus.”

The Pleiades, is a seven-star cluster being part of the constellation of Taurus, the bull. The bull has always been symbolic of Baal, Baalim or Baalzebub. These deities were forbidden in both Old and New Testaments as objects of worship and identified as Satanic in nature and accompanied by plagues and death.

Two of the horned icons of the zodiac are Taurus and Aries. It has been known throughout history that in the times of Taurus and Aries there is incredible loss of life and bloodshed. This can be recorded from the times of the Hebrew Passover, to the crucifixion to contemporary history.

It was in this time the 10 plagues of Egypt were released and it is perhaps important in this time to point out that we are certainly witnessing a repeat performance on this planet – one that we can safely say is biblical in scope.

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If you read the Book of Exodus you may see some strange parallels to what is happening and unless someone takes the time to point this out – it can be lost in all of the projected death counts and urges to separate and hide from the destroyer virus.

The first plague was water turning into blood.

Hong Kong has seen 29 days with red tide sightings in the first three months of the year, more than any year in the same period over the last decade.

While formations of algal blooms are indeed completely natural, scientists believe their frequency and persistence are anything but. Red tides are associated with the Pacific Northwest of where you have upwelling conditions that provide the nutrients to cause red tides. However, the frequency of waters turning to blood in other areas is an alarming trend.

Then, plagues Number 2 to Number 4 were frogs, lice and flies with locusts eventually arriving as plague No 8.

While an attack of frogs is something of the Old Testament – the fact that frogs are dying off is equally alarming, they are now listed among the 100 most endangered species on earth.

Before the Coronavirus took over the news cycle it was reported that lice, and flies were spreading Typhoid in Los Angeles. These fleas, lice, and flies have reportedly been spread by rats and other vermin and the feces they leave behind.

Locusts certainly have been a major problem as we have watched gruesome footage of billions of locusts sweeping across East Africa, into Pakistan and India, with fears they may invade 60 countries and 20 per cent of the world’s land surface.

China’s Forestry Ministry is on high alert, where they say locusts already destroy an estimated 10 million hectares of crops every year.

Plague number 5 was pestilence of livestock: This was one of the reasons why I wanted to talk about this topic of the parallels of the plagues in the first place.

Today we have hundreds of millions of pigs culled in China, victims of African swine flu, and billions of farmed shrimp succumbing to Decapod iridescent virus 1, or DIV1, across 11 Chinese provinces, on top of the almost annual cull of chickens downed by avian flu.

A nationwide meat shortage is poised to worsen next month, supermarket executives warn because of our breaks of COVID-19 at meat packing plants in The United States.

Supplies of steaks, chicken breasts, pork chops and cold cuts are expected to further dwindle in the coming weeks, as the full force of coronavirus-driven plant closures and slowdowns across the country hits the meat counters.

Plague number 6 was rashes boils and inflammation.

Three U.S. children infected with the coronavirus are being treated for a rare inflammatory syndrome that appears similar to one that has raised concerns by doctors in Britain, Italy and Spain.

It appears on the skin as welts, hives and boils, some say it looks like shingles or chicken pox.

The illness appears to be similar to Kawasaki disease which causes blood vessels to become inflamed, and toxic shock syndrome – an overreaction by the immune system which causes the body to attack its own organs.

The syndrome is likely caused by an overreaction of the body’s immune system and noted similar symptoms had been seen in some adults infected with the coronavirus. 

Two-year-old Bertie Brown, a British boy, left doctors baffled when his temperature soared over 104F and his blotchy rash began to turn black. The child looked like he had buboes or black boils like what was seen with Black Plague cases.

A senior consultant eventually diagnosed the boy with the rare Kawasaki disease but he not given a COVID-19 test, leaving both medics and his family in the dark about a possible link. 

Plague 7 was thunderstorms of hail and fire: Our planet has shown just how violent it can get as we have seen violent weather across the United states, a huge fire in Australia and massive fire near Chernobyl that has sent radioactive ash and smoke all over Europe. A severe thunderstorm with strong wind gusts and softball size hail hammered Del Rio, Texas recently.

Neighbors throughout the city reported large hailstones, ranging from quarter size to golf ball and even softball size in their properties.

Residents throughout the city, including the north side, east side and the downtown area reported extensive damages to their vehicles.

Some areas reported hailstones the size of avocados.

After locusts in plague 8, the ninth plague feels familiar: “…total darkness covered all the land of Egypt for three days. No one could see anyone else, and for three days’ no one left his place.”

We have not literally experienced three days of literal darkness but we have reached a dark time in our history where for over 40 days we have been told not to leave our homes or participate in social activity.

We are now learning that it is the darkness that prolongs COVID-19 and that direct sunlight kills the virus – but how can we get sunlight if we are restricted from our homes?

The 10th plague is yet to come and that is the death of the first born. Which can easily be achieved with the scarcity proposals and reality of starvation that will plague the planet in the coming months for some areas of the world.

The fourth annual Global Report on Food Crises highlights Yemen, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Nigeria and Haiti as being hot spots for global starvation.

In South Sudan, 61% of the population was affected by food crisis last year, the report says.

Even before the pandemic hit, parts of East Africa and South Asia were already facing severe food shortages caused by drought and the worst locust infestations for decades. Immense strain has been put on the world’s food supply systems, and the potential for tragic food scarcity remains, even though several years of good harvests worldwide have lifted food stocks to healthy levels.

Restrictions on cross-border movement of people as far afield as the United States and Germany have slashed the supply of migrant farm labor worldwide, raising the danger of healthy crops not being harvested.

The lockdowns which have sabotaged restaurants and food manufacturing businesses, and forced families to eat at home, have also left food supply chains in chaos.

Supermarkets are struggling to get supplies of family-sized food packages for diners at home, while the large-scale demand that usually comes from food factories and restaurants has withered.

Such mismatches along the food chain are forcing farmers to destroy rotting crops.

Will there be a time where we will turn on each other for that small crust of bread while the elite live their lavish lifestyles making money off the weak and the sick?

It is like some sick and twisted “Hunger Games” scenario.

The whole idea of a dog-eat-dog, might-is-right, survival-of-the-fittest world is totally in line with the way that the predatory elite class thinks. They view the rest of humanity and the world as a resource to be used and exploited for their own personal gain.

They see us as guinea pigs and bottom feeders that use the air that they wish they could steal from us. That is why there is always that rumor that they want to kill us.

We are now in times where we are polarized and are aggravated because we can’t seem to find common ground or unity. How is it that we are bound to making decisions that eliminate basic rights? How is it that people begin to fight against each other with different ideologies that seem to be outrageous?

As I have pointed out before, we are sold on bad ideas by the oligarchy because they are skilled in using psychological tools where they pit authority against the guilty. They know that, as a culture, we respond to guilt and fear in a penitent way and are more than likely to acquiesce to authorities because of our base nature to submit.

The authorities position themselves as gods and heroes with the ability to not only announce that a phantom or monster has arrived but to find a reason for the monster to be very real even though they may not have total proof that it exists.

The idea is bigger than the subtotal of all its parts and whatever was once a fairy tale can manifest just at the mere mention of it.

The solution becomes a number of consensus agreements and even though the symbolism shows that THEY truly are the monster, the people are caught in the middle of the drama and unwittingly feed the children to the beast.

Again, giving power to the 10 plague and the force of the ten plagues.

COVID-19 Will Eventually Go Away, But What Will Be The Long-Term Impact Of The Drastic Countermeasures Taken To Fight The Disease? The Cure Is Killing Us

In two lightning-quick weeks in March, America, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Israel and other mighty nations worldwide went from caution to hysteria to lockdown. You’d have thought people were dropping dead in the streets by the millions.

Not so. Out of the 7.8 billion people on Earth, only a few thousand had actually died from the Wuhan virus. Yet these governments tilted into full-scale panic.

Granted, this particular coronavirus seems especially contagious, and it poses significant risk for people with chronic health problems. Initial expert projections about death rates were shockingly high, some of them in the scores of millions.

However, while politicians, the press and public fixated on infection rates and death counts, evidence that the virus’s lethality was far lower than originally believed was ignored. When prominent authorities backed away from their worst-case scenarios, it went virtually unreported. The world was too busy executing the strictest response to a disease ever recorded.

Each day brought new and more heavy-handed restrictions and wilder interventions: Sports leagues, suspended. Flights, grounded. Schools, closed. Public gatherings, dispersed. Nonessential shopping, banned. Leaving home, illegal. Trillions of dollars, spent. Government emergency plans were more draconian than perhaps any modern peacetime measures, and more expensive than anything in history.

These measures will no doubt save lives that would have been cut short by this virus. But they are also coming at incalculable cost—to our economies, our livelihoods, our civil liberties and freedoms, our social cohesion, even mental and physical health. In many ways it appears the ramifications of the reaction to the coronavirus will dwarf and far outlive the virus itself.

The God of This World

When people panic, they tend to do unreasonable things. To whatever degree this happened on a national and a global scale with this pandemic, it is important we understand why this danger is potentially so much more serious than the physical threat of a contagious virus.

To grasp this, you must understand a fundamental truth revealed in your Bible: This is not God’s world! Yes, God created the Earth and human beings, and He intervenes in world events to ensure His will and prophecies are fulfilled, but God did not create this world’s governments, institutions and laws. You are living in Satan’s world. This is why the Bible describes our present world as evil and says the whole world is deceived (Galatians 1:4; Revelation 12:9). Satan is its god (2 Corinthians 4:4). Unknowingly, our modern world actually worships Satan.

Ephesians 2:2 describes Satan as “the prince of the power of the air.” Herbert W. Armstrong likened the devil to a master broadcaster. It’s as if Satan fills all the airwaves with his attitudes: selfishness, vengefulness, impulsiveness, recklessness, negativity, deception, violence.

People have no realization of the tremendous power of Satan. The human spirit within each human is automatically tuned to Satan’s wavelength (emphasis added throughout). This is why the world is what it is—a world drenched in sin and suffering all forms of physical and spiritual disease (see Isaiah 1:4-6; Jeremiah 17:9; Revelation 18:5).

While Satan brims with hatred for humanity, especially vicious and irrational is his hatred for physical and spiritual Israel. After he was cast down to Earth around the time of Mr. Armstrong’s death in 1986 (Revelation 12:9-12), he immediately launched an attack on God’s Church, which is spiritual Israel (verse 13). After wrecking the Worldwide Church of God and deceiving most of God’s people, Satan then launched a barrage of attacks at the modern nations that descended from ancient Israel: chiefly America, Britain and the Jewish state in the Middle East.

The Bible shows that God has done His work through the ages through physical Israel and then spiritual Israel. Satan’s principal objective, then, is to blot out even the name of Israel!

But Satan’s hatred and rage are not aimed at Israel alone. As my father wrote, “Satan hates everything God is about.” He hates God’s plan of salvation. He hates that man is made in the image and likeness of God. He hates that man has the potential to be born into the Family of God. He hates that God is reproducing Himself through man. He hates that Jesus Christ has already qualified to replace him, and that Christ will soon establish God’s Kingdom on Earth and rule all nations with a rod of iron (Revelation 2:26-27; 11:15; 19:15). This is the true gospel message Jesus proclaimed during His earthly ministry.

Satan hates this truth. He wants to blot it out. 2 Corinthians 4:4 says Satan has blinded human beings to the truth of Christ’s gospel. Satan is the father of lies (John 8:44). He wants to hide the truth about God’s soon-coming rule. He doesn’t want this world looking to God and His law of love for solutions to its problems and troubles. He wants us to remain buried in rebellion and lawlessness (1 John 3:8). It is Satan who is behind mankind’s built-in hostility toward God’s law (Romans 8:7).

Knowing this revealed knowledge enables us to make sense of the hysteria brought on by this disease. These past few months have showcased a wild range of behavior stamped with the devil’s imprint. It started with whatever wrong practices produced this disease in human beings. It continued with the disease spreading due to ignoring biblical laws of health, sanitation, hygiene and quarantine. It continued with the cover-up by China’s police state government, which worked harder to stop the spread of news about the virus than to stop the virus itself.

Once the virus spread beyond China, we saw the World Health Organization (who), an agency of the United Nations, provide cover for the Communist Chinese government. The who director general downplayed the disease’s seriousness in January and said China’s government had done an outstanding job of containing the virus.

Following the impeachment trial of United States President Donald Trump in February, we saw his enemies in the media pivot immediately to propagating coronavirus panic. An army of medical experts rushed to the spotlight, equipped with incomplete data, wild speculation and frightening comparisons. Millions were about to die, they said. At the breathless demands of medical and media experts, governments hastily began closing entire economies. Citizens’ rights evaporated. One after another, like dominos, whole nations went into shutdown.

Panic ensued, not just because of the disease, but also because of government overreach. Hoarders and profiteers cleared supermarket shelves and loaded their pantries and closets with cleaning supplies and toilet rolls. Everyone, it seemed, exploited the crisis. Those who didn’t seemed content to follow the confused and disoriented herd off the cliff.

Buried deep beneath this mass hysteria, sensational and politicized reporting, authoritarian overreach, and audacious assault on liberty was the first casualty of this contagion: the truth.

Communist Cover-up

In mid-December 2019, the Chinese city of Wuhan began witnessing an uptick in pneumonia cases. Local doctors realized they were dealing with a new disease and began to sound the alarm. They were quickly silenced by the Chinese government.

By month’s end, after a weeks-long outbreak, China finally alerted the who that it was dealing with an unknown contagious disease. During those crucial weeks, 5 million people had traveled through Wuhan. On January 15, the first case arrived in the U.S.

On January 23, with the disease already far beyond its borders, China’s regime decided to lock down Wuhan. It enforced the quarantine just as you’d expect an authoritarian government to: Police drones watched foot traffic and blared commands at people not wearing facemasks. The government started tracking smartphones to monitor individuals who may have been exposed to the virus. Those who’d been exposed couldn’t simply isolate themselves: Video footage revealed police dragging people from their homes to put them into quarantine camps.

The WHO director general downplayed the disease’s seriousness in January and said China’s government had done an outstanding job of containing the virus.

On January 30, who Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, a Marxist from Ethiopia with no medical experience but a noticeable loyalty to China, declared a public health emergency. He tweeted, “In many ways, China is actually setting a new standard for outbreak response. Our greatest concern is the potential for the virus to spread to countries with weaker health systems ….”

The next day, President Trump took the first serious action to stop the spread of the contagion by restricting travel into the U.S. from China. One doctor quoted in the New York Times called this decision “more of an emotional or political reaction.” Presidential candidate Joe Biden later said it was hysterical and accused President Trump of xenophobia and fear-mongering. Other detractors called the president a racist. Even the who director general criticized the travel ban. On February 4, he said, “Such restrictions can have the effect of increasing fear and stigma, with little public health benefit.”

Meanwhile, mainstream media showed no interest in covid-19. On February 1, Washington Post ran this headline: “Get a Grippe, America. The Flu Is a Much Bigger Threat Than Coronavirus, for Now.” USA Today reassured us that “Coronavirus Is Scary, but the Flu Is Deadlier, More Widespread.” At that time, the talking heads were too busy trying to convict President Trump of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress so they could remove him from office.

On February 5, the Senate acquitted Mr. Trump. The Democrat media complex immediately pivoted to the story it had ignored for weeks: coronavirus.

Weaponizing the Crisis

On February 12, the Dow Jones Industrial Average peaked at 29,551, its highest mark in history. It didn’t stay there for long. Around that time, covid-19 was spreading rapidly in Iran and southern Europe. To that point, President Trump had been the one Western leader who took measured action to actually contain the outbreak. But suddenly, pundits began saying he wasn’t doing enough.

At a campaign rally in South Carolina on February 28, President Trump accused Democrats and the major media of using the epidemic to try to destroy his presidency. “This is their new hoax,” he said. The radical left swiftly accused him of saying the virus itself was a hoax.

At the end of February, columnist Roger Kimball predicted, “No one knows exactly how far or how fast the coronavirus will spread. Nor does anyone yet know what its toll will be. … But those predicting—at times, their eagerness makes it seem they are hoping for—something as deadly … as the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918 (when some 50 million were killed) are likely to be disappointed” (Spectator, February 28).

The day after his rally in South Carolina, President Trump called for calm. “We would respectfully ask the media and politicians not to do anything to incite a panic,” he said. “There’s no reason to panic at all. This is something that’s being handled professionally.”

In Europe, many talking heads were panicking for other reasons. Medical experts were saying the disease was spreading so fast that Europe’s nationalized health-care systems would be overrun with sick patients. Something drastic needed to be done to “flatten the curve.”

A Perfect Storm

On March 3, who Director Tedros—who had praised China for containing the virus and criticized President Trump for the travel ban—made this shocking announcement: “Globally, about 3.4 percent of reported covid-19 cases have died. By comparison, seasonal flu generally kills far fewer than 1 percent of those infected.”

It turned out that Tedros was frightening the world with dishonest math. He based the death rate for influenza on the estimated number of people infected with the common flu each year. He based the alarming 3.4 percent figure on the number of known cases of coronavirus—those who actually test positive for the disease. (The vast majority of those infected are never tested.) Other experts issued even more-ominous death rate predictions, some as high as 4 and 5 percent.

To his credit, President Trump dismissed these terrifying predictions. He said on March 5 that the 3.4 death rate was a “false number” because of all the mild cases of coronavirus that are never reported to doctors. Regarding the actual death rate, Mr. Trump said he believed the number would be “way under 1 percent.” For this, he was castigated as being ignorant and irresponsible. He doesn’t even believe the virus is real, said the radical left.

On March 9, America’s anti-Trump media had seen enough. cnn chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta said, “Starting today, you will notice that cnn is using the term pandemic to describe the current coronavirus outbreak. It is not a decision we take lightly. While we know it sounds alarming, it should not cause panic”—which it immediately did. That day, the U.S. stock market plunged more than 2,000 points.

Why would cnn be ahead of the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in declaring covid-19 a pandemic? Because like so much of what cnn now does, its organizational aim is not to report news, but to make news—much of it to hurt the president.

Fox Business commentator Trish Regan noted this on her show the same day Gupta was inflaming coronavirus hysteria. She accused the radical left of weaponizing the health crisis against Donald Trump without regard to how much it might hurt the U.S. economy and ordinary Americans. This caused a storm of criticism, and by the end of the week, Fox News executives had suspended Regan, buckling under pressure from leftists who denounced the network for “downplaying” the crisis and covering up President Trump’s “mismanagement” of it. They later fired her.

The World Health Organization followed cnn’s lead on March 11, declaring covid-19 a global pandemic. President Trump responded by broadening the travel ban to include incoming flights from Europe. On March 13, he declared a national emergency.

But the response measures, drastic as they were, had barely begun.

Junk Science

Together with the radical left, the Democrat media complex, the who and China’s Communist government, plenty of Western scientists and medical experts were available to create terrifying models, charts, graphs and reports to show that covid-19 was a catastrophe in the making. For the United States and Britain, the most authoritative and influential team of experts came from Imperial College London. The New York Times wrote, “With ties to the World Health Organization and a team of 50 scientists, led by a prominent epidemiologist, Neil Ferguson, Imperial is treated as a sort of gold standard, its mathematical models feeding directly into government policies” (March 17).

What did the “gold standard” of scientific research uncover about covid-19 and its threat to society? According to the Imperial model, if we took no action to arrest the virus’s spread, 510,000 people in Britain and 2.2 million in America would die of the Wuhan flu. “These kinds of numbers are deeply concerning for countries with top-drawer health-care systems,” wrote the Washington Post. “They are terrifying for less-developed countries, global health experts say” (March 17). In other words, if the U.S. and Britain lose 2.7 million people, think about what that means for the rest of the world.

Ferguson’s March 16 report began by saying the public health threat of covid-19 “is the most serious seen in a respiratory virus since the 1918 H1N1 influenza pandemic.” It said that if the U.S. and Britain employed more ambitious measures to mitigate the spread (case isolation, household quarantine and social distancing of the elderly), the death count could be reduced to 1.1 million in the U.S. and 260,000 in the UK.

“Finally,” wrote the Post, “if the British government quickly went all-out to suppress viral spread—aiming to reverse epidemic growth and reduce the case load to a low level—then the number of dead in the country could drop to below 20,000. To do this, the researchers said, Britain would have to enforce social distancing for the entire population, isolate all cases, demand quarantines of entire households where anyone is sick, and close all schools and universities.”

In other words, do what the Chinese did in Wuhan: Lock it down. China’s crackdown, remember, was praised by Tedros as a “new standard” in confronting outbreaks. And Western officials see Ferguson’s team of epidemiologists as the “gold standard” of scientific research and theory. Not surprisingly, the Imperial team, with its “ties to the World Health Organization,” reached the same conclusion the who did.

Ferguson told the New York Times, “Based on our estimates and other teams’, there’s really no option but follow in China’s footsteps and suppress.” Follow Communist China’s lead, or millions and millions of people will drop dead.

And how long would Western governments need to impose a Communist-style lockdown? The “gold standard” recommended up to 18 months. Shutdowns, social distancing the entire population, quarantining the infirmed and their families—for a year and a half! And even then, the UK death count projection would be 20,000 people. According to the bbc, this scenario represented a “good outcome” for Britain.

COVID-19 task forces in London and Washington accepted the catastrophic Imperial forecast without objection. As the New York Times opined, “It wasn’t so much the numbers themselves, frightening though they were, as who reported them: Imperial College London.”

The “gold standard” had spoken: Lockdown is our only option.

The Rule of Experts

Before Imperial spoke, governments in America and the UK both favored promoting commonsense guidelines: wash hands frequently, sneeze or cough into your folded arm, stay at home if you are sick, etc. Both President Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson were disinclined to use government agents to enforce more stringent guidelines. The virus might spread more rapidly without strict measures, they reasoned, but the vast majority of people survive and build up a greater “herd immunity,” which helps shield the public from disease in case it returns next season.

Over the weekend of March 14-15, the Trump and Johnson administrations were briefed on the Imperial College forecast. The sudden, profound impact this model had on both countries, and indeed the world, was disastrous.

The president’s own medical expert, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Anthony Fauci, took to the Sunday shows on March 15 and said, “If it looks like you’re overreacting, you’re probably doing the right thing.” Even if you are young and healthy, he said, you could be a “carrier” who might spread it unknowingly.

On March 16, President Trump’s covid-19 task force released its 15-day “stop the spread” campaign. During the briefing, the president emphasized the commonsense guidelines, but also admonished all Americans to avoid gatherings of more than 10 people and eliminate discretionary travel; he also asked the elderly and vulnerable to self-quarantine.

Prime Minister Johnson also encouraged the British public to take more drastic action to arrest the spread. Then, after his public address, Johnson’s team briefed reporters off camera about “jaw-dropping numbers from some of Britain’s top modelers of infectious disease”—this would be Neil Ferguson’s 20-page forecast of 2.7 million casualties in the U.S. and Britain alone. According to the Washington Post, Ferguson’s forecast was “quickly endorsed by Johnson’s government” and it was “also influencing planning by the Trump administration.”

In the Trump briefing in Washington, Dr. Deborah Birx referred to models the coronavirus task force had been working on with “groups in the United Kingdom.” It was Ferguson’s forecast, the New York Times wrote, that “triggered a sudden shift” in America’s and Britain’s “comparatively relaxed response to the virus.” Thus, it was the Imperial College model, which was essentially based on the who model, which was essentially based on the Communist Chinese model, that “jarred” the U.S. and UK into taking the actions that would fundamentally transform the U.S. and Britain in ways a contagious disease never could.

World War Flu

The week before the Imperial model was published, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte imposed a national quarantine on Italy. This followed earlier lockdowns in the regions of Lombardy and Lodi. On March 14, Spain and France closed their borders, shut down businesses, and chased people off the streets.

In the United States, the changeover was swift. On March 10, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said that for most people, this disease “basically acts like a common cold or flu” and that the elderly and sickly were most vulnerable. He gave commonsense guidelines for city residents to remember to protect the elderly. But on the whole, New Yorkers are “pretty tough,” he said, adding, “We cannot shut down because of undue fear.” Just four days later, this same mayor said his staff was on “full crisis footing” and had entered a “wartime dynamic.”

Many state governors and city mayors followed a similar pattern. That same weekend, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine ordered all bars and restaurants to close. He had to take this action because his chief medical adviser said the state already had 100,000 cases of covid-19 and that it would double every six days. Hospitals, he said, needed to prepare for inundation. Just days into the crisis, covid-19 was shutting down America in ways that the Second World War never did.

Media sensationalism played a significant role in stoking fear and panic. Columnist Peggy Noonan wrote, “‘Don’t Panic’ Is Rotten Advice,” on March 12, saying “Sometimes paranoia is just good sense.”

On March 14, the New York Times “reported” that as many as 214 million Americans could be infected, 21 million could require hospitalization and 1.7 million could die. This invisible killer would rampage for months, maybe more, and we would have to go to war to stop it.

“I think this could be a six-, seven-, eight-, nine-month affair, watching the trajectory of the virus,” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on March 13. Coronavirus, said one Bloomberg headline, would change the way we shop, travel and work for years.

The Solution: Socialism

Is it a coincidence that these dire predictions have major political ramifications? Is it a coincidence that the solutions demanded by the press and the political left are massive socialistic interventions? Is it coincidence that disobeying covid-19 guidelines feels like the new racism, and that governments are encouraging people to report their neighbors for such “crimes” as taking a walk?

Is the coronavirus reaction interrupting the radical leftist agenda, or is it part of it?

In the week that followed the publication of the Imperial model, Prime Minister Johnson’s government laid the groundwork for a total lockdown in Britain. Every year, on average, 17,000 people in the UK die from influenza; experts said covid-19 would be much worse. The Guardian reported that the health crisis might last well into next year and that 7.9 million people could be hospitalized. As many as 80 percent of Britons could ultimately be infected! And with a death rate somewhere between 1 and 3.4 percent, the number of covid-19 deaths would fall somewhere between 500,000 and 1.8 million people in the UK alone.

The UK health minister said anyone over 70 may have to self-isolate in their homes for four months. Britain’s chief medical officer advised people to brace for months of emergency restrictions. “This is not two weeks and we’re done,” he said. “This is a significant period of time.” On March 20, Boris Johnson called on all pubs, restaurants, cinemas and gyms to close. At that time, only 177 people across the UK had died from the virus.

Meanwhile, Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak hastily prepared Britain for a quick transition into a wartime economy. The Spectator called Sunak’s plan “one of the most radical experiments in modern economic theory” (March 20). It allowed companies to defer value-added tax, reduced taxes for the self-employed, and obliged the government itself to pay 80 percent of workers’ salaries who couldn’t work due to the government quarantine. “It is the most extensive intervention in the economy ever made by a supposedly free-market government anywhere in the world. In effect, we will all soon be working for the government” (ibid).

Liberals and conservatives alike called on Mr. Johnson’s government to fully embrace socialism to save Britain’s economy. And did he ever! Economically, it took only a few days of covid-19 hysteria to effectively turn Johnson and the Tories into an army of Jeremy Corbyns.

On March 23, Mr. Johnson then lowered the boom on British liberty. In a nationally televised address, he ordered Britons to stay home, except for “very limited purposes,” and to avoid public gatherings of more than two people. As part of the nationwide ban, the prime minister also ordered all shops selling “nonessential” goods to shut down.

Incredibly, the nation of Magna Carta, Habeas Corpus and the Bill of Rights was put under house arrest en masse. Even more incredibly, the British public didn’t seem to mind. A YouGov poll found that 76 percent of people in Britain “strongly” supported the national lockdown. Most commentators and talking heads also commended the measures.

British online magazine Spiked marveled at the near-total absence of dissent over the decision: “The authoritarian instincts of the chattering classes have been on full display in this crisis,” wrote editor Brendan O’Neill. “You can see it in their daily pleas for Boris Johnson to turn the UK into a police state. You can see it in their sneering at people who visit parks or take a walk on a beachfront. And you can see it most disturbingly in their implacable rage against anyone who deviates from the covid-19 script and asks if shutting down society really is the right thing to do” (March 23).

You’re ‘Supposed’ To

The day after Boris Johnson locked down Britain, Narendra Modi locked down India. At the time, his nation of 1.3 billion people had suffered just 10 deaths linked to covid-19. Modi’s decree triggered an immediate run on stores across the country. The bbc reported, “Correspondents say it is not clear how—or even if—people will now be allowed out to buy food and other essentials” (March 25).

That same day, a reporter asked President Trump about the U.S.’s heavy-handed covid-19 countermeasures. He pointed at the medical experts. He said that a “few people” walked into his office and said, “We have to close up the country.” The president added that had he not taken these draconian steps, America would have been “unbelievably criticized.” He then made this remark: “Somehow the word got out that this is the thing we’re supposed to be doing.”

It’s never been done before, but somehow, this is what we’re all supposed to be doing. This is the new normal. This is World War Flu. We’re fighting for our survival, and we’ve all suddenly decided that a sort of public health totalitarianism is our only hope.

Anyone who would dare question these wartime rules and regulations must immediately be silenced or branded as a heretic. Everyone must go along. It’s what we’re “supposed” to do.

The same week President Trump released his 15-day plan to stop the spread, the Department of Homeland Security began to distribute passes to broadcasters allowing them access to their facilities, to travel “during curfews and restricted travel periods,” during these uncertain times. Before 2002, Homeland Security didn’t even exist. Today, it has 240,000 employees and the power to decide which Americans are important enough to travel unmolested.

Then, the last week of March, Congress passed the $2.2 trillion Cares Act—the biggest spending bill in the history of human civilization.

The act “cares” about ordinary Americans—and also the Kennedy Center, the National Archives, nasa, the Forest Service, the National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities, and the Institute of American Indian and Alaska Native Culture and Arts Development—all of which received generous coronavirus “relief.”

Kimberley Strassel wrote at the Wall Street Journal, “A rough calculation suggests the single biggest recipient of taxpayer dollars in this legislation—far in excess of $600 billion—is government itself” (March 26). As liberals often say, never let a crisis go to waste! Strassel wrote, “This legislation may prove the biggest one-day expansion of government power ever.”

America’s “cure” for the crisis is not unlike Britain’s: Broaden the power of the central government, expand the welfare state, and mortgage our future and the future of our children.

Republican Rep. Thomas Massie made the mistake of clinging to some principle of constitutional representative government: He demanded that all members of Congress be present for the vote on the $2.2 trillion bill, thus delaying the House vote. He said legislators should be in some small way accountable for the largest expenditure in human history by at least signing their names to it. Judging by the vitriolic reaction to Massie, you might have thought he was responsible for spreading covid-19. President Trump called Massie a “third-rate grandstander” who only wanted “publicity.” Republicans called on Massie to lose his primary to another Republican challenger during the next election cycle. Former Secretary of State John Kerry said Massie needed to “be quarantined to prevent the spread of his massive stupidity.”

Massie became the least popular man in Washington for demanding a recorded tally for the vote, rather than the anonymous “voice vote” directed by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and preferred by almost every other powerful member of Congress. Pelosi quickly assembled enough representatives in the chamber to overrule Massie, and the voice vote easily moved the bill through to the president’s desk.

Rep. Peter King of New York later said that if anyone in Congress got infected with the virus as a result of having to be present at the capitol to overrule Massie, Massie would have blood on his hands.

This is how it works during this “wartime dynamic.” Constitutional norms are suspended. Lockdowns are commonplace. Big government determines who’s essential. And obscenely huge bailouts meet with zero resistance in Congress.

Anyone who would dare question these wartime rules and regulations must immediately be silenced or branded as a heretic. Everyone must go along. It’s what we’re “supposed” to do.

The Still-Elusive Death Rate

On March 21, Medium ran an article questioning many of the outlandish predictions for covid-19. To author Aaron Ginn, a Silicon Valley technologist with no background in medicine or infectious disease, the numbers didn’t add up. He said that as testing for the virus increased, the mortality rate would inevitably decline. And sure enough, the two nations that have tested for the disease the most, the United States and Germany, had mortality rates of 1.7 and 0.78 percent at the time of this writing. These rates were not as low as the seasonal flu, but nowhere near as high as Tedros predicted on March 3.

The death rate of 0.1 for seasonal flu is based on the estimated number of flu cases, not of patients who are actually tested. Since we don’t know the number of mild cases of covid-19 that go unreported, the actual death rate for the disease is probably much lower than 1 percent. This was the main point of Ginn’s post. Soon, Medium deleted it for violating Medium rules.

As more information on the covid-19 crisis emerges, it is not Ginn who is being proved wrong, but the public health experts.

On March 25, just nine days after releasing his frightening report, Neil Ferguson told British members of Parliament that the UK death toll could end up being “substantially lower” than 20,000. Furthermore, he testified that the overall impact on the deaths in the UK this year might be negligible because most of the covid-19 victims would have died of other health complications anyway.

Had Ferguson said any of this just a few days earlier, it might have prevented the U.S. and Britain from plunging headlong into the financial abyss.

Even with his newly revised forecast, Ferguson believes the UK government was right to lock it down. He said it probably saved the National Health Service from disaster, but did acknowledge that because of the economic impact, we will be paying for this “for many decades to come.”

At some point, covid-19 will go away. But the “cure” will remain.

The day after Ferguson quietly backtracked from his Imperial model, another study in America received a lot of attention. It was headlined “U.S. Virus Deaths May Top 80,000 Despite Confinement.” With most of America now glued to the daily death tracker, this study was used to incite more fear and hysteria. The truth behind the headline, however, is that it represented another rapid retreat from the original projections of Spanish flu-like devastation. Eighty thousand deaths from coronavirus is not a repeat of the 1918 pandemic. It’s more comparable to the ferocious flu season of 2017–18, when 45 million Americans were infected, 810,000 were hospitalized and 61,000 died (0.14 death rate). That happened two years ago. And no one cared.

cnn’s Sanjay Gupta also reversed course on March 27: “The vast majority of people, even if you are elderly, aren’t going to need hospitalization. The vast majority are going to recover. The vast majority are not going to die.” Just one week before, Gupta said U.S. hospitals were unprepared for what was about to happen. And the week before that, when Gupta declared covid-19 a pandemic, he relied on case studies in China that said 5 percent of those infected became critically ill.

Even Anthony Fauci, who had originally said covid-19 was “10 times more lethal” than the common flu, wrote in the March 26 New England Journal of Medicine: “If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1 percent. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza … or a pandemic influenza.”

After the Virus Dies

By the end of March, President Trump hinted at a possible end to the lockdown madness, sooner rather than later. “We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself,” he said on March 22.

Two days later, during a virtual townhall at Fox News, the president spoke about how contagious and deadly influenza can be, but America never closes down. We can’t let this virus destroy our country, he said. “We have to get back to work.” He suggested April 12 as a possible date for reopening the U.S. economy.

This statement alarmed the experts. Even as they were dramatically lowering their early death toll projections, America was still in grave danger. Fauci rushed to the media, telling them America might lose 100,000 to 200,000 people even under a strict lockdown. The president again decided to comply with their counsel and extended the social-distancing guidelines through the end of April. The experts, you see, are right, even when they get it spectacularly wrong.

As for the left-wing media, they are committed to sensationalizing this crisis for as long as possible. The longer it lasts, the more it benefits their ratings and their political objectives. Though early polls suggested that a majority of Americans were pleased with how President Trump handled the crisis, the Democrat media complex knows that the only chance for success at the ballot box in November is if the coronavirus death toll keeps rising and the stock market and the economy keep dropping.

Whenever America finally does reopen for business, the president seems confident of a turnaround: “We will come back strong,” he said. And that might be true, at least for the short term.

But what will be the long-term cost of all these “cures”? Once the virus subsides, will governments roll back the socialist programs and release the authoritarian reins? Will the radical left ease off on their unrelenting, irrational and vicious attacks against the presidency and America’s founding principles? Will this be the end of sensational reporting and scaremongering? Will teams of experts return to the university and correct the mistakes that helped to incite a worldwide panic and economic meltdown?

We’ve seen large numbers of people whipping themselves into a frenzy before. The world has grown more and more radical, emotional and panicked, especially over the last few decades. But nothing has illustrated this quite like the reaction to covid-19.

We shut down the world, suspended our constitutional republic, ground economies to a halt, drove millions to joblessness, drained the stock market, spent more money than ever before, massively expanded and empowered government, and ballooned the size of the welfare state. In the end, will it prove to all be in hasty response to the equivalent of, as Dr. Fauci said, a bad flu season?

None of this makes sense—unless you realize that it all traces back to one cause. I’m not talking about leftists in America or in other countries, I’m talking about the original source. That one source is Satan the devil.

Satan is a real, actual evil spirit being. He is active in the world. In fact, he has power to influence people, and he has successfully deceived the whole world. As Ephesians 2:2 says, the god of this world actually isn’t God the Father or Jesus Christ, it’s Satan! That’s what your Bible says. Isn’t that what you’re seeing on the news right now?

It is crucial to understand how Satan preys on out-of-control emotions! “Whenever people are fighting to survive and emotions are flying,” my father writes, “the devil is going to exploit that every time!”.

Whether covid-19 has affected or will affect your health, your livelihood or your freedoms, you need to take note of what has just happened to the world. The immensely powerful and self-destructive reaction to a bad flu season illustrates the power of Satan to prey on emotions. He can wreak havoc worldwide. And he can do it in your life too. The battle here is not just against a virus or confusion or misinformation or an agenda. For the world and for you individually, it’s against Satan. The world won’t see it until it’s too late, will you?

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CLYDE LEWIS: The effects of COVID-19 will certainly be felt for many years and the media will urge people to do things that they would not normally do as Americans


I remember when I first talked about the threat of ignorance, there were a few people that did not take to well with what I was saying. Of course, there are those that do not believe that numbers matter but when we are in the midst of something that can only be described as evil the numbers mysteriously arrange themselves in such a way that you start to pay attention to the patterns again.

A rough estimate of 10 maybe 20 percent of the American people have coronavirus and are not showing any symptoms.
President Trump suggests that gatherings should be limited to 10 people although there are others that say 5 is too many.
Yesterday Market Watch reported that Bill Gates said in an interview that we should at least continue with social distancing another 10 weeks.

Despite urging from public health experts, some states and counties haven’t shut down completely,” he said. “In some states, beaches are still open; in others, restaurants still serve sit-down meals. This is a recipe for disaster. Because people can travel freely across state lines, so can the virus.”

He explained that until the numbers start to go down across the country, which he says could take at least 10 weeks, the shutdown should be in play everywhere. He also stepped up his call for more testing and was hopeful a vaccine will be developed in less than 18 months.

As it stands now, at least 30 states have stay-at-home orders in place with some 250 million Americans told to remain sheltered and maintain social-distancing measures.

The Pentagon confirmed that it’s seeking to provide as many as 100,000 military-style body bags for potential civilian use as the U.S. warns that deaths could soar in the coming weeks from the coronavirus pandemic.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has requested 100,000 body bags, known as Human Remains Pouches, through an interagency group that directed it to the Defense Department.

Not to mention those alleged FEMA coffins that were said to exist at one time, as many of them have now disappeared from the lot they sat in for some time.

I know that the picture the media is portraying is bleak but if there was anything I would say to you now is that just because things look dire now, there is no need to give up your freedom of choice.

We still have choices and when I hear on TV commercial that we have to reset to what they are calling a new normal – they are speaking as if this is going to go on with this social distancing for life.

This is part of a huge brainwashing process.

The United States government has rolled out incredibly totalitarian measures that amount to human rights violations in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus.  Unfortunately, long after this pandemic is a distant memory, the authoritarian controls will still be in place.

That is because now you are seeing it on TV and you are hearing it on the radio, you are seeing it in print ads – The New Normal is the Orwellian speak for consent with regard to what is being planned for all of us.

Local governments and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have received the anonymized data about people in areas of “geographic interest,” with the aim being to create a portal of geolocation information for 500 cities across the country.

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Many Americans are unaware that a social credit system, much like the one in China is now being used for medical surveillance. You cell phone is no longer your friend.

The new normal includes a system similar to other counties that use cellphone data to monitor citizens and see if they are complying with curbs on movement, and elimination of income in order to defeat the viral outbreak.

European mobile carriers have reportedly been sharing data with health authorities in Italy, Germany, and Austria, while at the same time respecting Europe’s privacy laws. Earlier this month, Israel passed emergency measures that allow security agencies to track the smartphone data of people with suspected COVID-19 and find others they may have come into contact with.

Even if you end up making it through this pandemic without getting sick, the economic ramifications are going to be immense and it’s expected that the government will use the implemented mass surveillance and tracked to squash riots.
This type of power can also be used to cause internet black outs and cell phone shutdowns in order to curb rioting or organizing.

Pandemic-related unemployment and shutdowns are a recipe for social unrest, that’s a huge concern as forecasters expect the U.S. unemployment rate in the months to come to surpass that seen during the depths of the Great Depression. If that happens, the fallout from the shutdown will be worse than the deaths during this pandemic. Expect these totalitarian measures being put in place now to be used to control the public when they can’t make a living anymore.

If you haven’t heard already, many Americans not only are losing their jobs but essential workers are also in the cross-hairs for either receiving hazard pay or having decreased incomes as a matter of policy.

This is being done in order to slow down or at least diminish any incentive to leave your home to work.

Do not let your normalcy bias get in the way of what is truly happening – many Americans are acting as if there is not a problem and are not thinking about what awaits us in the near future.

They keep telling us that this is the new normal – the new normal will be far from any normal that we have experienced in our lifetimes.

America needs to be prepared for a complete ideological overhaul.

They will be bombarded with this propaganda of how American lives have changed – how this virus will return with a vengeance and that we will need to again prepare for shutdowns if this is the case.

They are already speaking of projections as facts when they are merely fear porn and propaganda. There is also a mixture of political punditry that exploits the economy and uses the virus as a cudgel against the current administration. This goes beyond red state or blue state—this is about providing for a country beaten down with a globalist solution.

Propaganda is not about getting the objective truth of a situation; it’s about spreading a message.  Most people will believe a message that they already agree with but propaganda is used to coerce you into believing that your choices are not sound ones and that your government is looking out for your best interests.

To live in a society where you’re only being fed one angle of something is not only undemocratic it’s also a form of dehumanization. Many people are already seeing that the dehumanization process has already begun.

As much as we are looking at China and pointing the finger at not being forthcoming with information about COVID-19 – we need to look no further than our own media and how they have been giving conflicting reports about death tolls, infection rates, and who is surviving that virus.

The point here is none of the numbers are accurate and there is a good chance that we will never have accurate numbers, yet the establishment media continues to cite those “official” numbers even as other headlines from the same sources, provides information that contradicts their own reports.

They expect people to not notice or to wave it away because they themselves are refusing to acknowledge just how bizarre the MSM’s reporting on this has been since the beginning.

If anyone even entertains the idea that the viral impact is subsiding in other states, they are shouted down and told that the death tolls are far more important than speaking about recovery and how we can get back to the real normal and what they want you to think is the new normal.

If unkempt celebrities singing the song Imagine isn’t enough to play on your “we are a;; in this together” moment – then showing people lying helplessly in hospital beds with tubes running through them barely able to breathe—will force you into compliance.

A media that claims that they put Facts before Fear does not practice what they preach and the American people should stop a moment and figure this through.

COVID-19 should not be a life sentence—Trump called it the invisible enemy, however the true invisible enemy are those unknown faces that are asking questions.

With a labor market in free-fall, ten million Americans have lost their jobs in two weeks. CNN reported Thursday afternoon that stimulus checks for households could take up to 20 weeks, which is creating a perfect storm of possible social unrest.

The Columbia University School of Public Health studied the effects of poverty on death rates. The investigators found that 4.5% of US deaths were attributable to poverty. That’s about 130,000 deaths annually.

How will this be affected by COVID-19? One way to begin estimating is to consider how the number of people living in poverty will increase.

Before the COVID-19 response, approximately 12% of Americans lived below the officially defined poverty line. That percentage will undoubtedly rise significantly due to the expected increase in unemployment.

Although deaths due to poverty are not entirely about food access, it is a significant factor in that category. In times of economic hardship many people can’t afford good food, causing malnutrition and, in some cases, starvation. People also can’t access food causing the same outcomes. Limited access to nutritious food is a root cause of diet-related diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and infant mortality issues. A recent estimate suggests 20% of all deaths worldwide are linked to poor diets.

Food access issues will be further exacerbated with the COVID-19 problem due to the anticipated issues with food production and prices. If the COVID-19 response lasts for years as expected, our estimate will need to be a multiple of the 130,000 annual figure. Using the 6-year estimate, we get 780,000 deaths.

The Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies recently warned that a “social bomb could explode at any moment” over Western cities. That is because the evolution of the pandemic, which has crashed the American economy into a depression, could result in social unraveling in major metros, specifically in low-income areas.

We have reported that Americans are panic hoarding guns, food and other things as the fear of social unrest could be imminent. President Trump signed an executive order last Friday that allows for up to one million National Guard and reservists to be called up to fight the virus or be used to maintain social order.

With lockdowns across the country, the National Guard has been deployed across many states. Their mission is to go door to door taking temperatures and delivering food – for now.

Many Americans recognize the writing on the wall of what could happen next, that is, the possibility of social unrest and it makes sense why gun stores saw record sales across the country last month with weapons and ammo in short supply.

You can call it the new normal all you like – but the reality is never this sanitized.

The real problem we face today is not a virus. The greater problem is that people have failed to engage in critical thinking due to the fear promoted by some media and government officials.

Just because we’re fighting an unseen enemy in the form of a virus doesn’t mean we have to relinquish every shred of our humanity, our common sense, or our freedoms to a nanny state that thinks it can do a better job of keeping us safe.

Lost Ways
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Whatever we give up willingly now—whether it’s basic human decency, the ability to manage our private affairs, the right to have a say in how the government navigates this crisis, or the few rights still left to us that haven’t been disemboweled in recent years by a power-hungry police state—we won’t get back so easily once this crisis is past.
The government never cedes power willingly.

It’s one thing to attempt an experiment in social distancing in order to flatten the curve of this virus because we can’t afford to risk overwhelming the hospitals and exposing the most vulnerable in the nation to unavoidable loss of life scenarios.

However, there’s a fine line between strongly worded suggestions for citizens to voluntarily stay at home and strong-armed house arrest orders with penalties in place for non-compliance.

Many people have not paid attention in civics class to understand or recognize Martial law. It may appear that we are seeing it now but as they say you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Martial Law is a raw exercise of executive power that can override the other branches of government and assume control over the functioning of a nation, state, or smaller area within a state. The power has been exercised by the president, as President Lincoln did soon after the start of the Civil War, and by governors, as was done in Idaho to quell a miner’s strike that broke out there in 1892.

In areas under Martial Law, all power rests with the military authority in charge.

We did not have to declare Martial Law after the attacks of 9/11 and I would be very suspicious if they decide to declare it before any known uprisings begin—if there are any that happen.

During real Martial Law, Military personnel are not bound by constitutional restrictions requiring a warrant, and may enter and search homes at without judicial authorization or oversight. Indeed, civil courts would no longer be functioning to hear citizen complaints or to enforce their constitutional rights.

Thus far, we have not breached the Constitution’s crisis point: martial law has yet to be overtly imposed—we are being acclimated however.

People have been sending me pictures of trains carrying military vehicles and Humvees have been seen roaring into cities.

This is intimidating of course but eventually people get used to it.

Curiously enough, although Americans have been generally compliant with the government’s suggestions and orders with a few notable exceptions, there’s been a small groundswell of resistance within parts of the religious community over whether churches, synagogues and other religious institutions that hold worship services should be exempt from state-wide bans on mass gatherings. While many churches have resorted to drive-in services and live-streamed services for its congregants, others have refused to close their doors.

One pastor of a 4,000-member church who stood his ground, claiming that the government’s orders violate his right to religious freedom, was arrested after holding multiple church services during which attendees were reportedly given hand sanitizer and made to keep a six-foot distance between family groups.

It’s an interesting test of the First Amendment’s freedom of assembly and religious freedom clauses versus the government’s compelling state interest in prohibiting mass gatherings in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

Generally, the government has to show a compelling state interest before it can override certain critical rights such as free speech, assembly, press, search and seizure, Most of the time, it lacks that compelling state interest, but it still manages to violate those rights, setting itself up for legal battles further down the road.

These lockdown measures—on the right of the people to peaceably assemble, to travel, to engage in commerce, unquestionably restrict fundamental constitutional rights, which might pass muster for a short period of time but soon this will become a legal matter if it goes beyond the threat of the virus.

People will need to brush up on what their rights are, after the initial threat subsides.

The government should consider a reset of everything I would much rather have debts forgiven then having to find resources from a measly check that the government tells us is in the mail.

They just don’t give things to you – I am sure there is a catch.

At the moment, the government believes it has a compelling interest—albeit a temporary one—in restricting gatherings, assemblies and movement in public in order to minimize the spread of this virus.

While we may tolerate these restrictions on our liberties in the short term, we should never fail to be on guard lest these one-time constraints become a slippery slope to a total lockdown mindset.

What we must guard against, more than ever before, is the tendency to become so accustomed to our prison walls—these lockdowns, authoritarian dictates, and police state tactics justified as necessary for national security—that we allow the government to keep having its way in all things, without any civic resistance or objections being raised.

The effects of COVID-19 will certainly be felt for many years and the media will urge people to do things that they would not normally do as Americans. Most of what I have warned you about in the past is coming true and will eventually be a part of your reality soon

A virus can disappear, the curve can be lowered but that will not change the power grab and the threats that will be made about a possible return to more insanity.

Now is the best time to start questioning the power that is being abused during this crisis and to monitor whether or not that balance of power will return.

Also, I highly recommend this book to everyone. 300 pages, color, paperback. The Lost Book of Remedies is helping Americans achieve medical self-sufficiency even in the darkest times using the time-tested methods of our grandparents without spending lots of money on toxic drugs and without side effects. A great asset when doctors and hospitals won’t be available anymore. You may not be Claude Davis, but you can make use of his procedures and techniques to increase your chances of survival!

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2020: When The Great Disruption Began

It was always going to come to this.

Whether it was a pandemic triggering a shutdown, a climate emergency bursting the carbon bubble, a populist backlash against inequality, wars over water or countless other possible triggers, this moment has long been inevitable.

COVID-19 is just like a match thrown on a tinder dry forest floor on a hot windy day and starting a wildfire. The match isn’t the key – it’s where it lands.

While of course a pandemic would always be an enormous economic and health challenge, the context in which it lands is the key to our ability to manage it.

Thus, we now see our economic system’s inherent instabilities clearly exposed. The house of cards is collapsing.

Won’t this all pass? We’ll find a cure, develop a vaccine, boost the economy and then everything will get back to normal.

It’ll take a few years, but we’ll get back on track. Right?

Wrong, very wrong.

We are at the beginning of a process with an uncertain end. It could be a major recession, a full-scale depression, or a slide into systemic collapse.

Or it could be a turning point – where we recover and build a very different kind of economy, one defined by sustainability and resilience with a focus on improving human well-being.

This range of outcomes is uncertain. What is certain is that we are not going back to how things were.


We should always remember the true meaning of the word ‘unsustainable’. You can never be sure when, or how it will happen, but one thing you can be very sure of is this: when things are unsustainable….they will stop.

When I wrote my book “The Great Disruption” in 2011, I laid out this argument. At that time, I thought the climate crisis was the most predictable trigger point for a crisis that would drive system change

Basic physics showed that increasing emissions would, in the end, force an existential crisis. But like the match, the trigger is not the key. The book’s main focus was the broad global system and its inherent unsustainability – and why a major disruption was inevitable.

In summary the argument I made was this.

An economy and human society built on the concept of infinite compound economic growth was, by itself, obviously ultimately unsustainable. It’s like COVID-19 cases doubling several times a week – in a short time you go from a worrying number, to a collapsed health system and social chaos.

On a longer timeframe, it’s the same with infinite economic growth.

On top of that, I argued there were a series of ‘system overload’ points built into our economy – points that when reached would inevitably trigger a system wide crisis.

These included:

  • the emissions causing climate change and with it, water shortages, conflict, extreme weather and food crises;
  • inequality causing political instability, polarisation and protectionism;
  • global poverty causing geopolitical instability, conflict and refugee crises;
  • the delusional idea that when things get tough you can just ‘print more money’ – making the house of cards taller, and more unstable.

Thus, we had built a system that, as a whole, behaved in a predictable way. There was always uncertainty what the trigger would be, but certainty that the moment would come.

When things are unsustainable… they will stop.

Then comes The Great Disruption.

Here we are in 2020. The house of cards is tumbling down and the inherent weaknesses of the system are being exposed – making the virus spread faster and the economic crash harder.

Inequality means the virus spreads faster because of the lack of access to services. For Covid-19, inequality and poverty in both developed and developing economies is hindering access to health services, social services and effective sanitation. The ability to social distance is also compromised due to population density and the need to work. As has also been the trend with previous pandemics, these populations become some of the worst impacted by morbidity and mortality.

Our reliance on centralised fossil fuel supplies, especially oil, exacerbates financial system risks and geopolitical instability as the economy declines.

For example: In March this year the price of oil (WTI) fell towards $20 per barrel vs the average oil price for 2019 of around $57 pb. Most US shale oil producers budgeted for prices at $55-65 pb for 2020, meaning shutdowns are inevitable for many heavily indebted firms. As was argued in Forbes, “A six-month spell of ultra-low prices could devalue a big chunk of the $1.9 trillion in energy sector debt, including about $300 billion in bank loans (by comparison, the value of the subprime mortgages held by Americans in 2007 was $1.3 billion). In addition, as the Saudi-Russian price war continues to drive prices down, international tensions are emerging, with US senators accusing Saudi Arabia of economic warfare, threatening to enact antitrust authority and withdraw US support for the war in Yemen.

Huge levels of debt, incurred to keep the system afloat, put huge risks into the global financial markets, that the virus’s economic impacts could now tip over the edge.

While it’s still too early to tell how different economies will respond to the fallout from Covid-19, as described by the Harvard Business Review we do know that “Economic contagion is now spreading as fast as the disease itself”. They point out that the experience of the 2008 financial crisis shows different economies will have varying success in managing risk. As Ruchir Sharma, from Morgan Stanley recently argued in the NYT, what is different from the GFC is that “the largest and most risky pools of debt have shifted — from households and banks in the United States, which were restrained by regulators after the crisis, to corporations all over the world (~$16 trillion)”. This poses a whole new system wide risk. He points out that the level of debt in America’s corporate sector amounts to 75 percent of GDP, breaking the previous record set in 2008. These debt burdens are precariously high in the auto, hospitality and transportation sectors — industries taking a direct hit from the coronavirus. Consider this on top of the arguments above about the US shale oil industry’s debt.

Neo-liberalism’s success in reducing both the resources and the authority of the state, leaves many countries ill equipped to manage such a rapidly moving crisis, thereby magnifying the economic crash.

Neoliberalism is when the control of economic factors shifts towards the private sector (free market capitalism), away from government spending, regulation and public ownership. It reduces the ability of the government to control essential services (especially in times of crisis), enhances corporate influence on State matters and drives a shift away from State welfare provision.

Meanwhile governments vacillate between impossible choices – crash the economy and risk a global depression or crash the health system and kill millions, risking social chaos.

The dreadful thing about the coronavirus is that it is all happening so quickly. This leaves little capacity to reflect on the system wide lessons and how we can avoid spiralling into an ongoing crisis, or worse.

However, like any crisis and deep instability, we owe it to ourselves to understand, and act on, the lessons being learnt. As William Davies argued “To experience a crisis is to inhabit a world that is temporarily up for grabs.”

We can no longer prevent the COVID-19 crisis. We can only manage it aggressively to reduce suffering, loss of life and economic impact.

However, we can still learn the lessons being thrust in our faces and drive the change needed to prevent future crises.

Climate change is still coming at us hard and fast. We can reduce the inequality which will make future crises worse and harder to manage. We can recognise the benefit of our actions and economy being guided by science and expertise rather than ideology.

And we can recognise that market economics is a useful tool, but not an ideology nor a way to run our lives – and therefore strong and competent government is central to human progress.

I now find myself with time – thankfully isolated with my family on our farm in a rural area. So, I will be putting my mind to reflections on these questions and sharing them with you here.

The future is still ours to make. We can respond to this pandemic by acting to prevent future crises from overwhelming us. We have tinder dry fuel across the whole global system. If we don’t act to reduce it, a fire like this one could one day sweep away all before it.

There will be no vaccine for a global disruption triggered by climate change, inequality or ecosystem degradation. It’s time to pay attention.

The Great Disruption is underway.

The S**t Just Hit The Fan, Should I Bug Out or Survive in Place?

Editors Note: The following article has been contributed by
Jonathan Hollerman a former military S.E.R.E. (Survival) Instructor and best-selling author on preparedness. Hollerman is a full-time Emergency Preparedness Consultant specializing in Survival Retreat Design through Grid Down Consulting.

Where are you getting your prepping advice? Why?

Should I try to survive in place or should I bug out? This is a hotly debated question in the prepping community with many people firmly entrenched on both sides of the aisle. There are numerous articles discussing the topic, but most are only a handful of paragraphs that never really explain how or why they arrived at their recommendation. To answer the “Bug Out” or “Bug-In” question effectively, we must discuss essential background information and context. I will break down the discussion into three sections: your source for prepping advice, what SHTF scenario you are preparing for, and how to bug out if you don’t have a survival retreat. So, grab a cup of coffee, find a comfortable chair, and put on your seat belt as I get ready to challenge a good bit of commonly embraced ideas and “prepper theology” that are dangerous to you and your family surviving a long-term SHTF scenario. On a side note, if your idea of “prepping” revolves around getting ready for the next hurricane and storing up enough food and water in your basement to last a couple of days until FEMA shows up, well… this article probably won’t apply to you.

Your plan to either a bug in or bug out depends on what SHTF scenario you are preparing for. Some of them seem silly and unlikely, but most of the scenarios that could lead to a collapse of our society have at least some legitimacy. What should you be preparing for? Should you plan to bug in or bug out? These are the two most fundamental questions to wrap your head around before making any plans for surviving an SHTF scenario. When getting started, I always recommend my clients apply the age-old philosophy, “Prepare for the worst and hope for the best!”  At the same time, you need to find a balance between the worst-case SHTF scenario with what is most likely to occur in your lifetime.

So what are you preparing for? Pandemic? Financial collapse? Nuclear war? Long-term loss of the electric grid? I have noticed that most preppers typically “latch on” to the first SHTF scenario they were introduced to and become overwhelmed by the thought of that event coming to pass. Consequently, they focus all their energy on preparing for that particular scenario. They think about how it would affect their family’s chances of survival and dive headfirst into the confusing Internet world of preparedness. A lot of them start by Googling the word “prepping” or by spending countless hours watching some popular YouTube prepper channel. Unfortunately, what follows is a long, confusing string of bad information, deadly advice, and Top 10 Prepping Tips from “experts” who, quite frankly, have no earthly idea what they are talking about and have no background in surviving a world full of starving and desperate people.

This is why I am starting the discussion by asking “Where are you getting your prepping advice?”. The source of your knowledge will literally make the difference between whether you live or die, should a total societal collapse occur. I see a lot of preppers spending boatloads of cash on the wrong survival supplies and, more importantly, on the wrong plan of action. Part of the confusion on “how to prep” comes from the plethora of prepping advice available at the click of a mouse. I’ve read many “how-to” prepping articles on major websites and magazines that literally made me spit out my morning coffee and laugh out loud. I’ve also read over a hundred prepper-fiction novels, some of them extremely popular. Most of them I can’t even finish, due to instance after instance of unbelievably stupid actions the main character takes that he miraculously survives. My most common frustration with most survival fiction authors is how they very rarely explain with any believability how the main characters stay fed in the post-apocalyptic world they are living in.

In one such immensely popular book, the main character is forced to walk home after being stranded by an EMP attack in another state. He completes the journey over multiple weeks and survives out of the get-home pack that he had in the trunk of his car at the time. Nearly every day, the author explains how “Macho Man X” pulls out an MRE to eat when he only had a half dozen or so to start out with. Halfway through the story, I am screaming at the book, “How many freakin’ MREs does this guy have?!” It must be a miracle, Jesus feeding the five thousand. This character has eaten nearly four dozen MREs over the course of his travels, and I was only halfway through the book. I couldn’t help but envision a Sherpa carrying nine MRE cases on his back, stacked four feet high over his head while following a climbing team to the base camp on Mount Everest. Is no one else picking up on these important discrepancies? How in the world does this guy have a four-and-a-half-star review average on Amazon? That is just one of a hundred things I could point out about this unnamed book. Unfortunately, this author has sold an insane number of novels in his never-ending series, and therefore he’s sold thousands of terrible ideas and recommendations to unsuspecting readers along the way.

Please do some research on who you are getting your advice from. If the bio reads “…an experienced outdoorsman who loves to hunt and fish, [Author X] has had numerous articles published in [X prepper forum] and [X prepper magazine],” or “[Author X] lives off-grid in the Great Northwest with his wife and nine children,” that means he can hunt and fish; it does not necessarily mean that he has the experience to tell you the best way to prepare for an SHTF scenario. It’s your and your family’s lives that are at stake! What’s the point of spending your time and money on prepping if you are following bad advice and doing it wrong? Most of the more “experienced preppers” reading this are vigorously nodding their heads in agreement right now. They are thinking back to when they first got started and something specific they spent a lot of time or money on. They eventually had to re-do or re-buy whatever it was, when they realized the original suggestion from “X Prepping Expert” was bunk.

Another bad place to get your advice is on the thousands of Internet prepper forums where everyone is an expert on everything. At this point, you are likely bypassing any semblance of reliable and experienced prepping advice. In fact, you are potentially subjecting yourself to some nameless, faceless, self-proclaimed prepper typing away at his computer in downtown Chicago. You have no way to verify the information you are reading and whether or not the person has actually done what he is recommending. There are exceptions to this rule, however. Most forums seem to be run by people who are experts at Internet marketing that will post any story to get a Facebook share or another follower.

I will give you one example of very bad prepping advice. Normally, I don’t drop names, but in this case, I am going to make an exception because I believe this guy is going to be responsible for tens of thousands of preppers dying (when their family’s food runs out sooner than they had planned). His name is “Frank Bates” (Google “Frank Bates Charlatan,” if you like). “Frank,” a pseudonym, of course, is the owner and profiteer of Food4Patriots. If you have been running in the prepping circles for any length of time, you’ve surely clicked on a link that took you to one of his infomercials where he tells you that “the government is buying up all the long-term food and if you don’t act quickly, you won’t be able to buy any freeze-dried food in the near future.”

“Frank” is nothing more than an Internet marketing guru who has made a lot of money off those infomercials. The problem is, much of the information he is peddling is provably false or misleading, and it is designed to scare you so that you will “act quickly” to buy his product. It’s the oldest trick in the book for scam artists. If you have made a long-term food purchase from him, please realize that all he has done is re-labeled freeze-dried food from another company and made a quick buck off you. You could have purchased the same exact food from the original company for ten or twenty percent less. You also need to realize that the one-year food plan you purchased is only four or five months’ worth of calories for the average adult. I am bringing to light one of the biggest scams in the prepper industry: most long-term food companies are guilty of deceitful serving size recommendations to one degree or another. Never, ever, ever buy long-term food-based off a freeze-dried company’s serving sizes or meal counts. The only way to purchase long-term food is by knowing your personal caloric needs (based on your height, weight, sex, and activity level) and buying your long-term food based on the food’s caloric count. But that’s an article for a different time.

So who should I trust?

Now, I realize that it seems like I have just painted the entire prepping industry as a bunch of idiots or scam artists. That really isn’t the case. The truth of the matter is that most legitimate prepping experts are honest, upstanding people who have spent years prepping and truly want to help others follow in their footsteps. However, a lot of them just plain don’t know what they don’t know. They have spent years following bad advice and forming opinions on recommendations from other prepping experts who also don’t know what they don’t know.

One of the biggest problems is that the term “prepping” is used to encapsulate a wide array of SHTF scenarios. A lot of these writers are purely focused on short-term solutions for minor inconveniences to our way of life (like preparing for a natural disaster). Some even travel around the country putting on seminars and have hundreds of thousands of followers on YouTube. While I strongly recommend researching the person’s background and qualifications as a prepping expert, I also recommend you research what type of SHTF they are suggesting that you prepare for. A prepping expert whose entire thought process revolves around how to survive the next hurricane is NOT going to offer relevant guidance on how to survive a long-term grid-down scenario. His advice will assume that phones, Internet, banking, food distribution, hospitals, the military, and your local police will still be functioning as normal, and his position on looting or rioting will be that it will be mostly contained to the inner city.

Regardless of where any expert falls on the SHTF spectrum, the answer to the question of whether to Bug Out or Survive in Place comes mainly from the on-demand food delivery infrastructure in this country. Can America keep its citizen’s fed under “X” SHTF scenario? Are people going to start starving? The vital takeaway from this entire article is this fact: Once people begin starving, they become desperate, and the playbook for surviving such a scenario changes dramatically. This is a key point that a lot of prepping experts don’t understand.

In honesty, most preppers have done little research into and never fully wrapped their heads around what American society will look like in a serious SHTF collapse situation. They began their prepping journey with an incomplete and incorrect understanding of what type of world they are even preparing for. How can you make plans to prepare for something that you don’t understand?

Most prepping experts are Americans. They grew up in the greatest land of opportunity, and the vast majority have never experienced true desperation or starvation. At the flick of a switch, their lights always come on and with the turn of a faucet, clean water flows endlessly. Their life experience and knowledge base of a world in societal collapse are severely lacking. Most “prepper experts” have never been to third-world countries experiencing a famine. They don’t understand that if the same food shortages were to happen in America, the response from the public would be drastically worse than the famine in Mogadishu or the current food shortages in Venezuela. They have likely never seen the effects of true hunger or starvation on America’s shores, and have probably not studied the human psychology behind it.

I highly recommend everyone reading this to research the various works of Philip Zimbardo for a better understanding of the utter insanity and evil atrocities that will ensue when people are desperate and starving and when the laws of the land are a moot point with no functioning law enforcement. Zimbardo is a world-renowned social psychologist; his life’s work revolves around studying how good people can turn evil. (You may be familiar with his work during the 1970s—the Stanford Prison Experiment.) His main focus since then has been studying the atrocities that average and everyday people can commit when there is no law and order, or when they are driven to desperation. It will likely have a radical transformation on your overall preparedness plans.

The other prepping experts you need to be careful of are the cross-industry “Wilderness Survival Experts”, who sometimes don the prepping label as well. Don’t get me wrong: learning wilderness survival skills is a vitally important tool in your prepper’s toolbox. Knowing how to start a fire in the rain and build a shelter is very important, and they are life skills that most Americans have lost over the last fifty years. I am not saying that all wilderness survival preppers are wrong, but if their advice is to bug out to your nearest National Forest and live off the land with the skills they are teaching you, then I say, “Run, Forrest, RUN!” The wise point of that advice is the fact that they promote fleeing the major cities after the SHTF. Where they go wrong, however, is their plan to survive off the land like the Legend of Mick Dodge. If you plan to follow their advice and become a “Lone Wolf,” I can assure you there is a 99.9% chance that you are going to end up dead, period. I’ve personally “lived off the land” in the mountains of Washington State for a month straight in January with six feet of snow on the ground. That was during the initial phase of my military training to become a SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) Instructor. I was a budding expert in wilderness survival at the time, and I still lost fifteen pounds during that single month. (That’s a lot for a lean nineteen-year-old in peak physical shape.)

Now I realize that a few of you reading this are feeling pretty livid towards me right about now. You are sharpening your knives, about to go off on me in the comments section below, explaining how you were left on the roadside as an infant and raised by a pack of wolves or other wildling creatures. It…doesn’t…matter! I still hold to the belief that you will die. Most people that claim these skills on the Internet forums have never actually done it, or they did so in a controlled environment. Even “if” you could prove to me that you had the necessary background to survive and “live off the land” in some wilderness area for an extended period of time, you are not taking into account that the other 99% of Lone Wolves running around the mountains post-SHTF don’t have our skillset.

While you are successfully surviving, the woods will be chock full of unprepared yahoos who fled the big cities and are totally desperate and starving. At some point, you will need to build a fire to cook the occasional squirrel you snare or to warm your hypothermic body; the smoke and light from your fire will bring the other starving Lone Wolves like a moth to a flame. At some point, they will stumble across your camp, or you will stumble into the crosshairs of someone who is so desperate that they will kill you with their deer rifle from a distance, long before you see them, just on the off chance you might have a morsel of food in your pack. At some point, the hungry masses and the rural folk who live around your forest will have killed off every living creature in the woods to feed their family. Your idea of surviving the SHTF next to a fire with venison on a spit will evaporate.

I could go on for hours about the hundreds of scenarios that would get you killed while living off the land post-SHTF. The biggest takeaway here is that while you “may” have the ability to survive in the wilderness for a long period of time during normal times, in a post-SHTF world, with starving and desperate people running around the forest, those wilderness skills are not going to save you. Again, the prepper experts that will lead you down this path are offering advice from their personal life experiences of a “surviving in the woods during normal times” mindset. They’ve never wrapped their heads around what life looks like after an SHTF scenario, or more importantly, what their favorite forest bug-out-location is going to look like.

The last piece of bad prepping advice I see often is to grow your prepping slowly when working on a budget. That advice typically goes something like this: start preparing for a hurricane first and then slowly work your way up to surviving the bigger threats. That’s great if you have all the time in the world to slowly build your preparations and you know nothing big will happen until you are done. While I realize that most people are working with a limited budget, your plans for survival should not revolve around your budget. Now listen… I do not mean you should cash in your kid’s college fund. What I mean is that you need to set up your plan of action first to survive the worst-case scenario, taking into consideration your limited supplies. If you start out by preparing for a hurricane and something big happens, you might not have time to re-evaluate your current situation and put in place a better plan of action to deal with it. You are stuck surviving a total collapse scenario in the city with a couple of boxes of MRE’s and some candles.

The other problem with this philosophy is that you could get stuck in the small-minded, hurricane prepper community. The websites you visit to help you prepare for these minor situations typically don’t have the needed experience or mindset to help you get prepared for anything bigger. The more you read their advice and recommendations, the more you will begin to believe that the “survive in place” mentality will actually work for something big. Again, prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Don’t prepare for the least and die if it’s worse.

So, before you jump on board the prepping train, even if you’ve been on board for years, please do some research on human psychology. That way, you will have a much better understanding of true human nature and people’s true response to starvation and desperation. You’ll know whether “prepper blogger X” knows what he is talking about or is just offering suggestions from his narrow, pre-SHTF life experience and mindset. Think about who you are getting your advice from, and then ask yourself, “Why?”

The Confederate Receipt Book: Civil War Frugal Tips and Suggestions That Can Still Save Lifes Today (PDF Download)

Life during the 1800s in America was already difficult for many people. Of course there were rich factory owners in the North and plantation owners in the South, but the average farmer and his family worked extremely hard just to survive. When the Civil War started, living conditions became even more difficult for the average American. Many of the men joined the army or were drafted. The women were left at home to work the farm or to find jobs and support the family on their own.

With so many men gone to war, women had to take up new jobs. They worked the fields on farms and at factories producing goods for the armies. Some women served as nurses in the army, helping wounded soldiers recover. Women had to work very hard to provide for their families. Often not only their husbands were at war, but also their older sons and fathers.

This interesting peek into the past shares Civil War frugal tips and suggestions of how so many people survived getting by with a small amount of supplies. Published in 1863, the Confederate Receipt Book contained more than 100 hints for making do with less during wartime. At the end of this article you can find a link to download the PDF version of this book.

Confederate Receipt Book


Take one quart of flour, three teaspoonfuls of cream of tartar, mixed well through the flour, two tablespoonfuls of shortening, one teaspoonful of soda, dissolved in warm water, of sufficient quantity to mould the quart of flour. For large families the amount can be doubled.


Take two quarts of flour, two ounces of butter, half pint of boiling water, one teaspoonful of salt, one pint of cold milk, and half cup yeast. Mix well and set to rise, then mix a teaspoonful of saleratus in a little water and mix into dough, roll on a board an inch thick, cut into small biscuits, and bake twenty minutes.


One quart of sour milk, one teaspoonful of soda, one of salt, a piece of butter the size of an egg, and flour enough to make them roll out.


Boil a good pumpkin in water till it is quite thick, pass it through a sieve, and mix flour so as to make a good dough. This makes an excellent bread.


Take three quarters of a pound of sifted flour, two large spoonfuls of brown sugar, two spoonfuls of good yeast, add a little salt, stir well together, and when risen work in two spoonfuls of butter, make into buns, set it to rise again, and bake on tins.

Read more about our ancestor way of life and how they coped with the hard times they had to endure each day in this amazing book. The Lost Ways.


One quart of butter milk, one quart of corn meal, one quart of coarse flour, one cup of molasses, add a little soda and salt.


Mix in your flour subcarbonate of soda, two parts, tartaric acid one part, both finely powdered. Mix up your bread with warm water, adding but little at a time, and bake soon.


Boil one pound of good flour, a quarter of a pound of brown sugar and a little salt in two gallons of water for one hour. When milk warm bottle it close, it will be fit to use in twenty four hours. One part of this will make eighteen pounds of bread.


Beat up four eggs, add a pint of milk and little salt, and stir in four large spoonfuls of flour, a little nutmeg and sugar to your taste. Beat it well, and pour it into buttered teacups, filling them rather more than half full. They will bake in a stove or Dutch oven in fifteen minutes.


Take one cup of soft boiled rice, a pint of milk, a cup of sugar, three eggs, and a piece of butter the size of an egg. Serve with sauce.


Stir flour into boiling milk to the consistence of a thin hasty pudding, and in fifteen or twenty minutes it will be fit for the table. Serve with sauce to suit the taste.


Take about three quarters of a pint of split peas, and put them into a pint basin, tie a cloth over them (to give room to swell,) put them into boiling water, and let them boil two hours, then take them up, untie them, add an egg beaten up, a little butter, with salt and pepper, then beat up, tie up again, and place them in the water to boil for about twenty minutes more, you will then have a well flavored and nice shaped pudding.


Having pared a pound of fine large potatoes, put them into a pot, cover them well with cold water, and boil them gently till tender all through. When done lay each potato (one at a time) in a clean warm napkin, and press and wring it till all the moisture is squeezed out, and the potato becomes a round dry lump. Mince as fine as possible a quarter of a pound of fresh beef suet, (divested of skin and strings;) crumble the potato and mix it well with the suet; adding a small salt spoon of salt. Add sufficient milk to make a thick batter, and beat it well. Dip a strong square cloth in hot water, shake it out, and dredge it well with flour. Tie the pudding in, leaving room for it to swell, and put it into a large pot of hot water, and boil it steady for an hour. This is a good and economical pudding.

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Boil six good-sized mealy potatoes, and mash them fine, add salt, a spoonful of butter, and two of water, while they are hot, then work in flour enough for making a paste to roll out, or put in two or three spoonfuls of cream, and no butter or water. This is a good crust for hot pies or dumplings.


Excellent paste for fruit or meat pies may be made with two-thirds of wheat flour, one-third of the flour of boiled potatoes, and some butter or dripping, the whole being brought to a proper consistence with warm water, and a small quantity of yeast added when lightness is desired. This will also make palatable cakes for breakfast, and may be made with or without spices, fruit, &c.


To one small bowl of crackers, that have been soaked until no hard parts remain, add one teaspoonful of tartaric acid, sweeten to your taste, add some butter, and a very little nutmeg.


Take young green corn, grate it in a dish; to one pint of this add one egg, well beaten, a small teacup of flour, two or three tablespoonfuls of butter, some salt and pepper, mix them all together.   A tablespoonful of the batter will make the size of an oyster Fry them light brown, and when done butter them. Cream if it can be procured is better.


This is a good way of using up a pan of milk that is found to be turning sour. Having covered it, set it in a warm place till it becomes a curd, then pour off the liquid, and tie up the curd in a clean linen bag with a pointed end, and set a bowl under it to catch the droppings, but do not squeeze it. After it has drained ten or twelve hours transfer the curd to a deep dish, enrich it with some cream, and press and chop it with a large spoon till it is a soft mass, adding as you proceed an ounce or more of nice fresh butter.


Take flour, little sugar and water, mix with or without a little yeast, the latter better if at hand, mix into paste, and fry the same as fritters in clean fat.


Three parts of Indian meal and one of brown sugar, mixed and browned over the fire, will make the food known as “Sagamite.” Used in small quantities, it not only appeases hunger but allays thirst, and is therefore useful to soldiers on a scout.



To eight quarts of boiling water put a pound of treacle, a quarter of an ounce of ginger and two bay leaves, let this boil for a quarter of an hour, then cool, and work it with yeast as other beer.


Eight quarts water, one quart molasses, one pint yeast, one tablespoonful cream of tartar, mixed and bottled in twenty-four hours; or, to two pounds of coarse brown sugar add two gallons of water, and nearly two ounces hops. Let the whole boil three quarters of an hour, and then work as usual It should stand a week or ten days before being drawn, and will improve daily afterward for a moderate time.


Take three gallons of water, blood warmth, three half pints of molasses, a tablespoonful of essence of spruce, and the like quantity of ginger, mix well together with a gill of yeast, let it stand over night, and bottle it in the morning. It will be in a good condition to drink in twenty-four hours.


One pint of molasses and two spoonfuls of ginger put into a pail, to be half filled with boiling water; when well stirred together, fill the pail with cold water, leaving room for one pint of yeast, which must not be put in until lukewarm. Place it on a warm hearth for the night, and bottle in the morning.


Measure your berries and bruise them; to every gallon add one quart of boiling water, let the mixture stand twenty-four hours, stirring occasionally, then strain off the liquor into a cask; to every gallon add two pounds of sugar, cork tight, and let it stand till following October, and you will have wine ready for use without any further straining or boiling, that will make lips smack as they never smacked under similar influence before.


Take one tart apple of ordinary size, well baked, let it be well mashed, pour on it one pint of boiling water, beat them well together, let it stand to cool, and strain it off for use. It may be sweetened with sugar if desired.


Boil cider to the consistence of syrup, and let it cool, and you have nice jelly.


Take one pint of molasses, put it in a jug with one gallon of warm water, not boiling, let it stand for two months, and you will have good vinegar.


To eight gallons of clear rain water add three quarts of molasses, put into a good cask shake well a few times, then add two or three spoonfuls of good yeast. If in the summer place the cask in the sun; if in winter near the chimney, where it may be warm. In ten or fifteen days add to the liquid a sheet of brown paper, torn in strips, dipped into molasses, and good vinegar will be produced.


Nice catsup may be made with four quarts of tomatoes, one pint of vinegar, three table spoonfuls salt, two of mustard, two of black pepper, three red peppers broken and half ounce alspice or mace.



Pour twelve quarts of boiling water upon five pounds of unslaked lime. Then dissolve five pounds of washing soda in twelve quarts of boiling water, mix the above together, and let the mixture remain from twelve to twenty-four hours, for the purpose of chemical action. Now pour off all the clear liquid, being careful not to disturb the sediment. Add to the above three and a half pounds of clarified grease, and from three to four ounces of rosin. Boil this compound together for one hour, and pour off to cool. Cut it up in bars for use, and you are in the possession of a superior chemical soap, costing about three and a half cents per pound in ordinary times.


Bore some holes in a lye barrel, put some straw in the bottom, lay some unslaked lime on it, and fill your barrel with good hard wood ashes, wet it, and pound it down as you put it in. When full, make a basin in the ashes and pour in water, keep filling it as it sinks in the ashes. In the course of a few hours the lye will begin to run. When you have a sufficient quantity to begin with, put your grease in a large iron pot, pour in the lye, let it boil, &c. Three pounds of clean grease are allowed for two gallons of soap.


Cut into thin shavings two pounds of common yellow or white soap, put it on the fire with just water enough to keep it from burning; when quite melted, add a quarter of a pound of honey, stirring it till it boils, then take it off and add a few drops of any agreeable perfume. Pour it into a deep dish to cool, and then cut it into squares. It improves by keeping. It will soften and whiten the skin.


After melting the tallow, add say one pound of quicklime to every twenty of tallow, strain the tallow, and mould the candles. If this recipe is followed, you will have a candle equal to the adamantine, free from all impurities, and giving a brilliant light.


Melt together a pound of beeswax and a quarter of a pound of rosin or of turpentine, fresh from the tree. Prepare a wick 30 or 40 yards long, made up of three threads of loosely spun cotton, saturate this well with the mixture, and draw it through your fingers, to press all closely together, and to keep the size even. Repeat the process until the candle attains the size of a large straw or quill, then wrap around a bottle, or into a ball with a flat bottom. Six inches of this candle elevated above the rest will burn for fifteen or twenty minutes, and give a very pretty light, and forty yards have sufficed a small family a summer for all the usual purposes of the bed-chamber.



Dissolve as much table salt in pure vinegar as will ferment and work clear. When the foam is discharged cork it up in a bottle, and put it away for use. A large spoonful of this in a gill of boiling water is efficacious in cases of dysentery and cholic.


The plant, commonly called hoarhound, is said to afford a certain cure. Boil it in water, and drink freely of the tea.


Mix in a common size cup of fresh milk two teaspoonfuls of pulverized charcoal and ten drops of spirits of turpentine. Soften the charcoal with a few drops of milk before putting into the cup. Gargle frequently, according to the violence of the symptoms.


Take the leaves of the stramonium (or Jamestown weed,) dried in the shade, saturated with a pretty strong solution of salt petre, and smoke it so as to inhale the fumes. It may strangle at first if taken too freely, but it will loosen the phlegm in the lungs. The leaves should be gathered before frost.


If a child is taken with croup apply cold water suddenly and freely to the neck and chest with a sponge or towel. The breathing will instantly be relieved, then wipe it dry, cover it up warm, and soon a quiet slumber will relieve the parent’s anxiety.


Take of treacle and the best white wine vinegar six tablespoonfuls each, add forty drops of laudanum, mix it well, and put into a bottle. A teaspoonful to be taken occasionally when the cough is troublesome. The mixture will be found efficacious without the laudanum in many cases.


One teaspoonful of pulverized charcoal and one-third of a teaspoonful of soda mixed in very warm water.


Powdered alum will not only relieve the toothache, but prevent the decay of the tooth. Salt may advantageously be mixed with the alum.


Wheat flour and cold water, mixed to the consistency of soft paste, is an almost instantaneous cure for a burn. Renew before the first gets dry so as to stick.


Take iodide of potassium, sixty grains, lard, two ounces, mix well, and after washing the body well with warm soap suds rub the ointment over the person three times a week. In seven or eight days the acarus or itch insect will be destroyed. In this recipe the horrible effects of the old sulphur ointment are obviated.


The Selma Reporter says: A poultice of onions, applied morning, noon and night for three or four days, will cure a felon. No matter how bad the case, splitting the finger will be unnecessary, if this poultice be used. We have seen it tried several times, and know that the remedy is a sure, safe and speedy one.


The cause of corns, and likewise the pain they occasion, is simply friction, and to lessen the friction you have only to use your toe as you do in like circumstances a coach wheel–lubricate it with some oily substance. The best thing to use is a little sweet oil rubbed on the affected part (after the corn is carefully pared) with the tip of the finger, which should be done on getting up in the morning, and just before stepping into bed at night. In a few days the pain will diminish, and in a few days more it will cease, when the nightly application may be discontinued.


Dissolve as much common washing soda as the water will take up, wash the warts with this for a minute or two, and let them dry without wiping. Keep the water in a bottle and repeat the washing often, and it will take away the largest of warts.



We need salt as a relish to our food, but it is not essential in the preservation of our meats. The Indians used little or no salt, yet they preserved meat and even fish in abundance by drying. This can be accomplished by fire, by smoke or by sunshine, but the most rapid and reliable mode is by all these agents combined. To do this select a spot having the fullest command of sunshine. Erect there a wigwan five or six feet high, with an open top, in size proportioned to the quantity of meat to be cured, and protected from the winds, so that all the smoke must pass through the open top. The meat cut into pieces suitable for drying (the thinner the better) to be suspended on rods in the open comb, and a vigorous smoke made of decayed wood is to be kept up without cessation Exposed thus to the combined influence of sunshine, heat and smoke, meat cut into slices not over an inch thick can be thoroughly cured in twenty-four hours. For thicker pieces there must be, of course, a longer time, and the curing of oily meat, such as pork, is more difficult than that of beef, venison or mutton.

To cure meat in the sun hang it on the South side of your house, as near to the wall as possible without touching.

Savages cure fish by pounding it fine, and exposing it to the bright sun.


Take five gallons water, seven pounds salt, one pound sugar, or one pint molasses, one teaspoonful saltpetre, mix, and after sprinkling the flesh side of the hams in the salt, pack in a tight barrel, hams first, then shoulders, lastly middlings. Pour over the brine, and if not enough to cover, make another draft of the above, and repeat till all is covered, leaving the meat in brine from four to seven weeks, according to size.


In order to avoid the skipper, and all worms and bugs that usually infest and destroy bacon, keep your smoke house dark, and the moth that deposits the eggs will never enter it. Smoke with green hickory, this is important, as the flavor of the bacon is often destroyed by smoking with improper wood.


Melt the butter in hot water, skim it off as clean as possible, and work it over again in a churn, add salt and fine sugar, and press well.


To free molasses from its sharp taste, and to render it fit to be used, instead of sugar, take twelve pounds of molasses, twelve pounds of water, and three pounds of charcoal, coarsely pulverized, mix them in a kettle, and boil the whole over a slow wood fire. When the mixture has boiled half an hour, pour it into a flat vessel, in order that the charcoal may subside to the bottom, then pour off the liquid, and place it over the fire once more, that the superfluous water may evaporate, and the molasses be brought to their former consistence. Twelve pounds of molasses will produce twelve pounds of syrup.


Beat the white of an egg to a froth, put to it a very small lump of butter, and mix well, then turn the coffee to it gradually, so that it may not curdle. If perfectly done it will be an excellent substitute for cream. For tea omit the butter, using only the egg.


Take sound ripe acorns, wash them while in the shell, dry them, and parch until they open, take the shell off, roast with a little bacon fat, and you will have a splendid cup of coffee.


If fresh the vein in the neck of a forequarter is bluish; if green or yellow it is stale. In the hindquarter if the knuckle is limp, and the part under the kidney smells slightly disagreeable, avoid it. If the eyes are sunken do not buy the head.


Knead a small quantity by way of experiment. If good, the flour immediately forms an adhesive elastic paste, which will readily assume any form that may be given to it without breaking.


Set a lump of salt in a plate before the fire, and when dry pound it in a mortar, or rub two pieces of salt together. It will then be free from lumps, and in very fine powder.


If you are troubled to get soft water for washing fill a tub or barrel half full of wood ashes, and fill it up with water, so that you may have lye whenever you want it. A gallon of strong lye put into a large kettle of hard water will make it as soft as rain water.


The largest, heaviest, and most unctuous nutmegs are the best. If you begin to grate nutmeg at the stalk end it will prove hollow throughout.


Mix rice flour smoothly with cold water, and simmer it over a slow fire, when it will form a delicate and durable cement, not only answering all the purposes of common paste, but well adapted for joining paper and card board ornamental work.


Beat lime to the finest powder, and sift it through fine muslin, then tie some into a thin muslin, put on the edges of the broken china some white of egg, dust some lime quickly on the same, and unite them exactly.


To make five gallons of good cheap ink, take half a pound of extract of logwood and dissolve it in five gallons of hot water, and add half an ounce of bichromate potash. Strain and bottle it.


To a pint of black ink add one drachm of impure carbonate of potassa, and in a few minutes it will be jet black. Be careful that the ink does not run over during the effervescence caused by the potassa.


Metallic pens may be preserved from rusting by throwing into the bottle containing the ink a few nails or broken pieces of steel pens if not varnished. The corrosive action of the acid which the ink contains is expended on the iron so introduced, and will not therefore affect the pen.


Mix one bushel of small coal or sawdust, or both, with two bushels of sand and one bushel and a half of clay, make the mixture into balls with water, and pile them in a dry place to harden them. A fire cannot be lighted with these balls, but when it burns strong put them on above the top bar, and they will keep up a strong heat.


Dissolve half an ounce of alum in a pint of warm water, and stirring it about in a puncheon of water from the river, all the impurities will soon settle to the bottom, and in a day or two it will become quite clear.


A few leaves of sheep mint held in the mouth, or chewed, just before drinking water, will seemingly impart a degree of coolness to the draught.


Coffee grounds chewed at intervals on a march, or during any arduous service, will repress thirst. and satiate the cravings of hunger. When boiled over again, and the decoction becomes cool, it will quench thirst more effectively than water.


Pound charcoal as fine as possible in a mortar, or grind it in a mill, then well sift it, and apply a little of it to the teeth about twice a week, and it will not only render them beautifully white, but will also make the breath sweet, and the gums firm and comfortable. If the charcoal is ground in a mortar, it is convenient to grind it in water to prevent the dust from flying about. Indeed the powder is more convenient for use when kept in water.


Take equal parts of rosin and beeswax and melt over a fire, stir in some Spanish Brown, and while hot dip in the bottles.


To a tea cup of molasses stir in lampblack until it is black, then add the white of two eggs, well beaten, and to this add a pint of vinegar or whiskey, and put it in a bottle for use. Shake it before using.


To one ounce of white wax, melted, add one quart of spirits of turpentine, in which, when thoroughly mixed and cold, dip the cloth and hang up to dry. Try it.


First see that your hands are clean, then put on the gloves and wash them, as though you were washing your hands in a basin of turpentine, then hang them up in a warm place, or where there is a good current of air, which will carry off all smell of turpentine. This method was brought from Paris, and thousands of dollars have been made by it.


Straw hats and bonnets are bleached by putting them, previously washed in pure water, into a box with burning sulphur, the fumes which arise unite with the water on the bonnets, and the sulphurous acid thus formed bleaches them.


Take soft soap and fuller’s earth, of each half a pound, beat them well together in a mortar, and form cakes. The spot first moistened with water is rubbed with the cake and allowed to dry, when it is well rubbed with a little warm water, and afterwards rinsed or rubbed clean.


Lay upon the spot a little magnesia or powdered chalk, and under it the same, set on it a warm flat iron, and as soon as the grease is melted it will all be absorbed, and leave the paper clean.


Unpick the dress, grate two Irish potatoes into a quart of water, let it stand to settle, strain it without disturbing the sediment and sponge the silk with it. Iron on the wrong side.


Rock alum (burnt and finely powdered,) five parts, levigated chalk one part, mix. Apply with a dry brush.


Dissolve one ounce of camphor in two pounds of hog’s lard, observing to take off the scum, then mix as much black lead as will give the mixture an iron color. Fire arms, &c., rubbed over with this mixture, left twenty-four hours, and then dried with a linen cloth, will keep clean for many months.


When using a lamp with a flat wick, if you take a piece of clean cotton stocking it will answer the purpose as well as the cotton wicks which are sold in the shops.


Dry the gathered crop, thinly spread out and shaded from the sun, tie the herbs in small bundles, and keep them compactly pressed down and covered with white paper; or, after drying them, put each sort into a small box, and by means of boards fitted in it, and a screw-press, press the herbs into cakes or little trusses. These should be afterwards carefully wrapped up in paper and be kept in a dry place, when they will retain their aroma as perfectly as when they were put into the press, for at least three years. By the common method of hanging up herbs in loose bundles the odor soon escapes.


By putting a piece of phosphorus the size of a pea into a phial, and adding boiling oil until the bottle is a third full, a luminous bottle is formed, for on taking out the cork to admit atmospheric air, the empty space in the phial will become luminous. Whenever the stopper is taken out at night, sufficient light is evolved to show the hour upon a watch, and if care be taken to keep it generally well closed it will preserve its illuminative power for several months.


Take a piece of soft pliant paper, part of newspaper for example, and form a circle of it, then gather the centre together and twist it into a wick, immerse the whole in a saucer of lard and light it, and you have a taper that will last some hours.


Blistering or soreness of the feet may be prevented on long marches by covering the soles of the stockings with a coating of the cheapest brown soap. Coarse cotton socks are the best for walking.


Those whose teeth are not strong enough to masticate hard beef should cut their steaks the day before using into slices about two inches thick, rub over them a small quantity of soda, wash off next morning, cut them into suitable thickness, and cook according to fancy. The same process will answer for any description of tough meat.


Cut any old woolen articles into long strips, from one to two inches broad. Braid three of these together, and sew the braid in gradually increasing circles till large enough.


In buying a carpet, as in everything else, those of the best quality are cheapest in the end. As it is extremely desirable that they should look as clean as possible, avoid buying a carpet that has any white in it. Even a small portion of white interspersed through the pattern will in a short time give it a dingy appearance.

If you cannot obtain a hearth rug that exactly corresponds with the carpet, get one entirely different, for a decided contrast looks better than a bad match.


One flannel petticoat will wear nearly as long as two, if turned behind part before, when the front begins to wear out. If you have a strip of land do not throw away soapsuds. Both ashes and soap suds are good manure for bushes and young plants.

See that nothing is thrown away which might have served to nourish your own family, or a poorer one.

“Brewis” is made of crusts and dry pieces of bread soaked a good while in hot milk, mashed up, and eaten with salt.

Charcoal powder will be found a very good thing to give knives a polish.

A bonnet and trimmings may be worn a much longer time if the dust be brushed well off after walking.

A bowl containing two quarts of water, set in an oven when baking, will prevent pies, cakes, &c., from being scorched.



Editors Columbus Sun :–I read an article in one of your papers lately in which recipes for making different kinds of bread with rice flour were enquired for, and having a few that I think will be found very good I send them to you. They were printed in Charleston, S. C., several years ago.



Boil a pint of rice soft, add a pint of leaven, then three quarts of rice flour, put it to rise in a tin or eathern vessel until it has raised sufficiently; divide it into three parts, and bake it as other bread, and you will have three large loaves, or scald the flour, and when cold mix half wheat flour or corn meal, raised with leaven in the usual way.

One quart of rice flour, make it into a stiff pap, by wetting with warm water, not so hot as to make it lumpy, when well wet add boiling water, as much as two or three quarts, stir it continually until it boils, put in half pint of yeast when it cools, and a little salt, knead in as much wheat flour as will make it a proper dough for bread, put it to rise, and when risen add a little more wheat flour, let it stand in a warm place half an hour, and bake it. This same mixture only made thinner and baked in rings make excellent muffins.


To three spoonfuls of soft boiled rice add a small tea cup of water or milk, then add six spoonfuls of the rice flour, which will make a large Jonny cake or six waffles.


Take a pint of soft boiled rice, a half pint of milk or water, to which add twelve spoonfuls of the rice flour, divide it into small cakes, and bake them in a brick oven.


Mix one-fourth wheat flour to three-fourths superfine rice flour, and raise it as buckwheat flour, bake it like buckwheat cakes.

Take a pint of warm water, a teaspoonful of salt, add a pint of the flour and it will give you two dozen wafers.


In a pint of the flour add a teaspoonful of salt, a pint of boiling water, beat up four eggs, stir them well together, put from two to three spoonfuls of lard in a pan, make it boiling hot and fry as you do common fritters.


Take a quart of milk, add a pint of the flour, boil them to a pap, beat up six eggs, to which add six spoonfuls of Havana sugar and a spoonful of butter, which when well beaten together add to the milk and flour, grease the pan it is to be baked in, grate nutmeg over the mixture and bake it.


Made like sponge cake, except that you use three-quarters of a pound of rice flour, thirteen eggs, leaving out four whites, and add a little salt.


Boil one quart of milk, season it as to your taste with sugar and rose water, take four table-spoonfuls of the rice flour, mix it very smooth with cold milk, add this to the other milk while it is boiling, stirring it well. Let all boil together about fifteen minutes, stirring occasionally, then pour it into molds and put it by to cool. This is a very favorite article for invalids.


Boil one cup of whole rice quite soft in milk, and while hot stir in a little wheat flour or rice flour when cold, add two eggs and a little salt, bake in small thin cakes on the griddle.

In every case in making rice flour bread, cake or pudding, a well boiled pap should be first made of all the milk and water and half the flour, and allowed to get perfectly cold before the other ingredients are added. It forms a support for them, and prevents the flour from setting at the bottom, stir the whole a moment before it is set to cook.


Some of the more economical readers may be glad to have a little advice as how to freshen up a dress of which they have got tired, or which may be beginning to lose its beauty. Those which are soiled, or worn at the bottom may be made up so as to look very well at very small expense, and with little trouble. Thus, for a dress of fancy material, a band of alapaca between five and six inches in width will suffice to renew it. This band should be waved at the top, and piped with a thick blue or red piping. The sleeves must have a similar reverse, and a little Swiss body, trimmed also with a piping, will complete the costume. For taffetas dresses the band should be of the same material, but black, and finished off at the top in the same manner; or, if a more simple arrangement be preferred, it may be headed with two or three rows of narrow ribbon plated in the middle. A band might be replaced with two flounces, or pinked black taffetas; these will have a better effect if placed a little distance from another, and with a heading.

If it should happen that a skirt of taffetas requires widening, and all thought of matching the dress has been given up, the only resource left is to insert plain bands. If the dress be of a deep shade, we would advise that the bands be made of black taffetas not quite eight inches wide, and put in between each breadth; in this style the skirt will have no trimming at the bottom, unless it be a band of black taffetas in wide scollops or festoons, one scollop reaching just across the breadth of the taffetas from one black band to the next; this should be headed by a narrow ruche of ribbon, and a similar ruche placed up each black band up the skirt. In setting this dress on to the skirt, care should be taken to so arrange the plates that the black band may be folded under so as not to show at the waist. A Swiss sash should be added as a finish to the body, and plain turned-back cuffs. If the dress be a light-colored plain taffetas, the best arrangement will be to make the bands of the same color, but of a deeper shade, and the little ruche should be composed of narrow guipure instead of ribbon.–Le Follet.

Food To Survive COVID-19 Pandemic During Quarantine | At Least 90 Days

This article was written by Ken Jorgustin from ModernSurvivlBlog.

It’s common sense. To self-isolate from a pandemic, you must have enough supplies at your home to survive the period.

It’s a life luxury to head over to the grocery store and get whatever we want. The problem is — we’ve become accustomed to that. And dependent on that. Therefore people don’t keep too much food in their homes any more (one of the reasons).

Well lets say that a pandemic comes to town. 2019-nCov anyone? Your best bet will be to self isolate from the public and other people. That means having enough food and supplies to “ride it out”. I’m not suggesting that it’s time to push the panic button yet, but I’m using this current event as an excuse to push the notion of preemptive food storage.

For how long? Hard to say. Not enough reliable data on this one yet. Though if you asked me, I would suggest thinking about the worst-case. Then you’ll probably be in better shape than most who think it will be here and gone in just a few weeks once it starts (good luck with that).

For the sake of a number, lets say 3 months.

Pandemic Survival | How Much Food Do I Need

It’s all about the calories. Balance and nutrition is important too. But lets focus on calories. Why? Because that’s the primary reality of having enough food to survive.

2,000 calories per day, per person. That’s a typical “good enough” number for most.

So how do you get a sense as to how many calories you might need (or already have) for food storage at home? It can be deceptive — in that you might think you have enough — but do you?

What if that pandemic does indeed begin to rage in your neighborhood region — and 3 weeks later you’re out of food. Meaning, you have to risk your life going out to the store to buy more (if there is more)…

Okay. Now that I’ve adequately mentioned doom-and-gloom, lets simply have a look.

I recently ran some numbers.

With the potential threat for coronavirus flaring up in the US, you might become logically concerned. “If it does”, will you be able to shelter in place for say, 3 months? I’m sure that many of you could. Speaking to the choir here… though maybe someone will read this and be helped.

Since I went through the exercise (gave Excel a good workout), I simply want to share the notion of realistically determining whether or not you you have enough food.

90 Day Pandemic Food Calorie Survival Plan

Not going to the grocery store will mean no fresh foods. But you can adapt. A few examples include the following:

  • powdered milk
  • make your own bread — have enough flour & ingredients

The assumption here is that electricity remains up (which it should). So cooking, refrigeration, or anything else requiring electricity at home will be unaffected. It’s just that you’ll have to fend for yourself at home.

To give you an idea of what you might need for 90 day food survival, here are some meal plans for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack. This is just one example to get you thinking…

I list 4 options each for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Just rotate. So each meal ingredient requirement would only be 22 days instead of 90. Then it’s just doing the math, counting calories, and putting together a shopping list.

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The following meal plan averages about 2,000 calories per day:

Breakfast (~500 calories)

Calories include 1 glass of milk (~100 calories)

  1. (3) Pancakes w/syrup & butter (540 calories)
  2. (2) Oatmeal packets in milk (520 calories)
  3. (2) Toast with Butter & Jelly (500 calories)
  4. (1/3) can Spam (460 calories)

Lunch (~600 calories)

Calories include 1 glass of milk (~100 calories)

  1. Tuna sandwich, (1) 5oz can, w/2tbsp Mayo (600 calories)
  2. Chicken sandwich, (1/2 12-oz can) w/2tbsp Mayo (620 calories)
  3. Mac-n-Cheese, 1/2 box (650 calories)
  4. Peanut Butter sandwich w/3tbsp PB (585 calories)

Dinner (~700 calories)

Calories include 1 glass of milk (~100 calories)

  1. Pasta & Sauce, 1/4-lb & 1/3-pint sauce (620 calories)
  2. Rice & Beans w/canned-veggie, dry measure 1/2-cup rice & 1/4-cup beans (690 calories)
  3. Rice & Chicken w/canned-veggie, dry measure 1/2-cup & 1 (12 oz) can chicken (810 calories)
  4. Corned Beef Hash & Toast, 1/2 can w/2-slices toast (680 calories)

Canned vegetables with 2 of 4 meals above (rotate),

  • canned green beans (60 calories)
  • cans of carrots (70 calories)
  • canned whole corn (210 calories)

Snacks (~200 calories)

Peanuts, 1/4-cup (200 calories)

Grocery List for 90-day Meal Plan

Augason Farms dry-milk (3) #10 cans makes 270 cups (~17 gallons)

Pancake Mix (2) 32-oz boxes Aunt Jemima ‘Buttermilk Complete’ makes ~120 4″ cakes

Oatmeal packets Box of 45

Spam (8) 12-oz cans

Jelly (1) large 30-oz jar of your favorite

Butter (2) pounds for toast & bread-making

Flour (3) 5 pound bags for ~15 loaves of homemade bread

Canned Chicken (30) 12.5-oz cans

Canned Tuna (23) 5-oz cans

Mayo (3) 30-oz large jars

Mac-n-Cheese (12) boxes

Peanut Butter (1) 40-oz large jar

Pasta (5) pounds

Pasta sauce (6) pints

Rice (8) pounds

Dry Beans (2) pounds

Canned Corned Beef Hash (9) cans

Peanuts (7) 16-oz jars (pounds)

Canned Green Beans (12)

Cans of Carrots (12)

Canned Corn (12)


This is for 1 person. Adjust accordingly.

Note that any meats you have in the freezer are calories. Beef is about 1,000 calories per pound while chicken is about 500.

A 3 month food inventory really is not difficult. It’s just a matter of doing. The example above is just one of nearly infinite possibilities.

Just think about what you’ll need over that time period so that you won’t have to go to the grocery store.

No fresh milk. But the milk alternative I listed is pretty good. We use it all the time.

I didn’t mention it, but eggs will last a long time in the fridge. 1 – 2 months will likely not be an issue if you bought lots of them.

Cheese too. There are about 100 calories in a slice of American cheese. It will last a long time in the fridge. So you could buy pounds of it without issue. Grilled cheese sandwiches?? Yum…

Peanuts and peanut butter have LOTS of calories. Good for survival — bad for weight management. I like PB too much, so I don’t keep it too accessible!

One 1.4L bottle of California Extra Virgin olive oil (we use this) has 12,000 calories! Drizzle it on you pasta or whatever for more caloric intake. Plus it tastes good!

Okay, this article took me a lot of time in that I literally calculated all the calories for everything, reading can labels, looking up facts — to provide a sense of relativity. My head hurts. So I’ll end here. Perhaps time for a adult beverage (lots of calories in that too  ) (use only in moderation!)

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With All Hell Breaking Loose, Martial Law Is Already Being Implemented Through Out The US Over COVID 19


First, humorous memes about washing hands and hoarding toilet paper made the rounds on social media. Then sports events and concerts were canceled amid concerns of large groups of people congregating together. The NBA ended its season, followed by the NHL. Disneyland closed for the first time since 2001 (and before that, 1963). Schools closed. Churches suspended service. Grocery stores are limiting their open hours. The entire country of Italy is on lockdown. New York and California—two states with the highest concentrated number of infected—have restricted restaurants to takeout and delivery only. Many counties in those states have issued shelter-in-place mandates, while even more draconian measures could be forthwith: maybe curfews at night or suspending civil liberties under martial law, which would mean the very act of leaving home for any reason, save a few, would be treated as a crime.

Martial Law in America — Where We Stand Now

Though California governor Gavin Newsome said on Tuesday that there wouldn’t be a need for martial law, he didn’t exactly discount it: “If you want to establish a framework of martial law, which is ultimate authority and enforcement, we have the capacity to do that, but we are not feeling at this moment that is a necessity.” The apt phrase here is “at this moment.” The government might not have a need for it this week, but who knows what will transpire in the days and weeks to come. Of course, rumors and misinformation about what martial law entails has been circulating since early March, even provoking Florida Senator Marco Rubio to complain on Twitter about it, requesting that people “please stop spreading stupid rumors about marshall law. COMPLETELY FALSE.” What was also false was his spelling of martial law.

Then, What is Martial Law?

Under the strictest terms, martial law is when the government replaces civil law with military authority. This means that the United States government can use the military to enforce its will upon the populous. The military becomes the primary law enforcement agency. Under martial law, normal Constitutional freedoms and liberties (think: Bill of Rights) are suspended. On a Federal level, only the President and Congress has the ability to declare martial law, and those states that specifically ordain it in their constitutions are allowed to declare it as well.

What Rights Can Be Suspended?

Based on examples of previous declarations, martial law would be a suspension of portions of the Constitution, specifically the Bill of Rights. The confiscation of firearms, the suspension of Habeas corpus (due process), travel restrictions, road closures, strict quarantine zones, and automatic search and seizures without warrants.

Must read: When The Pharmacies Won’t Be An Option: Herbal and Natural Therapies For Diabetes After The SHTF

Are You Ready To Go Into SURVIVAL MODE? The more people that have supplies, the less desperation and potential crime there will be

Previous Uses

One doesn’t have to look far to find examples of martial law in the United States. One of the first instances was in 1814 before the Battle of New Orleans. Andrew Jackson imposed martial law in a four-mile radius around the city. Strained tension between the Utah territory and the Federal government in 1857 (known as the Utah War) led Utah Governor Brigham Young to declare martial law for the entire territory under the fear that U.S. troops were poised to attack. Young was removed from office.

Chicago mayor Roswell B. Mason declared martial law after the 1871 Chicago Fire and placed General Philip Sheridan in charge of the whole city. The mayor lifted it after only a couple of days. The same thing happened in 1906 after the San Francisco Earthquake. U.S. troops were called in and houses were dynamited to help quell the fire (it made the fire worse).

The longest period of martial law took place after the attack on Pearl Harbor and lasted until October 1944. A Federal judge later claimed that the U.S. Army “…threw the Constitution into the discard and set up a military dictatorship.”

However, during natural disasters, like Hurricane Katrina, guns and supplies were confiscated, people were forcibly removed from their houses, and property was searched without warrants. Remember when the Boston bombers were hiding out in a Boston neighborhood? The police didn’t issue any warrants, but they certainly searched houses, sometimes against the permission of their owners.

How Likely Is Martial Law Under the COVID-19 Pandemic?

In 2006, President George W. Bush signed the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act. It revised the Insurrection Act, expanding the President’s authority to declare martial law so he can take charge of National Guard troops without authorization of the states. Nine years later, President Barrack Obama assembled a task force to create guidelines for a national police.

The government doesn’t always have to outright declare martial law. A “soft” declaration of martial law can slowly seep into play without much fanfare or announcements, especially in the wake of a disaster such as COVID-19. For example, “I would call out the military now,” former Vice President Joe Biden said at the Democratic primary debate on March 15. “They have the ability to provide this surge that hospitals need. They have the capacity to build 500 hospital beds and tents that are completely safe and secure.” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo suggested, “At this point, our best hope is to utilize the Army Corps of Engineers to leverage its expertise, equipment and people power to retrofit and equip existing facilities — like military bases or college dormitories — to serve as temporary medical centers,” he wrote.

Although both of these examples are for well intentioned reasons, they are, technically examples of martial law.

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What to Expect Under Martial Law?

If full-blown martial law is declared on a national or even local level, the worse-case scenario will be an environment where the Constitution no longer exists. You will have no rights, to the extent that if you speak out against the government, you will face serious consequences. There will be no free press, only propaganda controlled by the government. Further, guns will be confiscated. The right to assemble denied. Expect checkpoints and tightly controlled travel. The government could also lock the boundaries of your town.

Might this all sound like extreme circumstances, and how could a government based on freedoms and generations of liberty do such a thing. The government will do what is necessary to maintain peace and order during times of National Emergencies. Don’t believe it could happen to you? Ask the 120,000 Japanese-Americans who were denied their freedom, property, and way of life under Executive 9066 in 1942 to 1945.

How to Survive Martial Law in America.

Martial Law – The system of rules that become reality when the military takes over the regular administration of justice in a land.
Okay, let’s say that the scenario that seems so possible actually happens. The United States is attacked with a weapon of mass destruction. A major U.S. city — possibly Washington D.C. — goes up in a mushroom cloud.

Or, perhaps this hits closer to home at this present moment – a national emergency is declared as a new viral pandemic spreads rapidly and gets out of control.

Don’t think that can happen?

If you’re on this page near to the time I updated it (March 21th 2020), the idea of martial law definitely seems like a possibility. It has been discussed by politicians including Marco Rubio (who caused a minor controversy by completely misspelling the word). Even though the context was that Rubio was denying that it was a possibility, the fact that such a denial was necessary in the first place suggests we are closer to martial law today than we were two months ago.

If the pandemic situation here in the USA gets a lot worse (with a death toll in the tens or hundreds of thousands or more), or if some other crisis scenario were to occur (e.g a nuclear or biologica/chemical attack, or a massive supervolcano eruption)… Then the possibility of martial law increases substantially. While we’re still far from that point, it makes sense to educate yourself on the possible scenarios (and how to keep your family safe and sound even in these kinds of circumstances).

Enter Martial Law

These kinds of major crisis situations would almost certainly result in a period of Martial Law. With so many threats and theories about America’s collapse, the U.S. government is likely to take extreme steps in a last ditch effort to hold on to power and order, as all hell breaks loose across the land.

What Martial Law Might Look Like In The United States

First, martial law has been looked at in several films, etc. Along with this, no one really knows exactly what it would mean as the way it would take hold would differ depending on the circumstances. But in a situation of great crisis, we might expect some or all of the following measures to be taken:

Curfew – A curfew at or before dark would no doubt be imposed (this is actually already happening in a number of cities across the US – for example, New Jersey has suggested a “voluntary” curfew, and a number of counties in the Bay Area have ordered a “shelter-in-place”) The reasons are obvious: If the military is in an area, they want as little to deal with as possible in terms of risk and disorder(and people create risk and disorder).

Further, when the military is in charge fun will be less paramount. Restaurants, bars, and other entertainment venues would likely be closed anyways (as they are in many states at this moment). In other words, the government and soldiers won’t want to deal with people out after dark.

Employment to continue soon – Initially, all activity would likely cease if a genuinely major crisis occurred in the US.  (With the current pandemic, we seem to be 30/40% of the way there, with some people not working, some people working from home, and some essential governmental or societal functions still operating). That being said, in real martial law, it servers the government for the economy to still appear to be functioning, so depending on the specific circumstances of the crisis, the government would want people to return  to work as soon as it was safe for most people.

In other words, we all need work to survive and that’s exactly what the country would want to do: Survive.

Rations And Tribunals Under Martial Law

Rations – The military just might end up in charge of rationing out food and supplies, if needed in the area, during a period of Martial Law.

Military Tribunals – Don’t expect a standard jury and trial during such times. A trial? Yes, in a way at least. Basically, members of the military ( a military commission ) would meet to determine a lawbreakers fate during a Martial Law period and this would happen swiftly. in general, this kind of “trial” would favor speed over fairness.

Further, the public would have to expect much more severe penalties for lawbreaking (particularly for those offenses that could in any minor way be tied to violence, disorder, and of course, terrorism).

In other words, if you were found to be a terrorist under military rule. . . Well, let’s face it: The government would probably pass a law putting these people to death.

And remember, during such times the military would not act like local police. In other words, they would probably give possible lawbreakers only one shot before shooting on site if that.

Security – With security the number one directive, expect that leaving a city/ area by car would be an ordeal. We’re talking akin to getting into Canada (actually, a lot worse). Thus, travel, beyond to places of employment, would be severely restricted (possibly by permit only?).

Detention Camps – Some might not like to hear this but detention camps would clearly be warranted if such a thing were to occur. Back on November 13, 2001 the President issued a military order involving the detention, treatment, and trial of certain non-citizens in the war against terrorism. Basically, this order said that the government could detain non-citizens reasonably suspected of being a terrorist or harboring them (as long as they were treated humanely in these detention centers).

Currently, there are many detention centers that already exist to hold illegal immigrants – granted, they aren’t US citizens, but it demonstrates to you that the government (regardless of political party) is definitely not averse to putting people in camps as long as they feel they can get away with it.

Further, there would be a trial (by military commission). In other words, much like the Military Tribunals spoken of earlier.

Beyond this, it is quite clear that the United States has considered such detention situations as Halliburton’s former engineering and construction subsidiary has a contingency contract with the Department of Homeland Security to construct detention facilities in the case of national emergency (according to WorldNetDaily).

An ICE spokesman (ICE being the former subsidiary) further indicated that the detention centers would be used in the event of a mass migration crisis (which it seems we are seeing in action right now). Along with this, it is very hard to know how many people might be detained in such a manner.

A note about detention camps: You might think that after a genuine crisis, if martial law is declared, then the government is merely locking up those who deserve it. People who are either out to harm the country or its citizens, or people who are dangerous, criminal, disorderly, etc.

But without the right to a fair trial, how would you know? The truth is, we should all have a problem with unlawful or illegal detention camps, particularly if those camps hold US citizens. Because if they can justify putting someone else into a camp, they can justify putting you in a camp. Don’t fall into the trap of believing your (or your neighbors) freedom is worth trading for a slightly better sense of security or safety. Even if the ones being put in detention are “bad” people in your estimation, the government has a responsibility to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they have committed crimes – otherwise detention is illegal and unethical. It’s not about who gets locked up – it’s about the process of how they get locked up.

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What Does It Take To Survive Martial Law?

If America ever takes that step, where martial law is enacted by national, state and even local authorities, it will likely be a last ditch-attempt for the government of the United States of America to hold on to power.

Once martial law takes place, America is most likely on a fast slope to complete collapse.

In order to survive genuine martial law (the kind where freedom and democracy are put on pause but never come back), it pays if you’ve been prepping for disaster. While stockpiling survival food would help to an extent, if you want to “escape” martial law, you’ll want bug out. Staying in your home (unless you already live in a remote area and mostly off the grid) is a bad idea because the military will want to have control of the people, so they will have a heavy presence in towns and cities.

You’ll want to bug out to somewhere remote, and have a plan for meeting your needs based on the survival rule of threes. In the short term, that means having emergency blankets for shelter (or knowing how to build a shelter in the wild), and having a plan for water (survival water filters make sense for the short term, you’ll also want to know how to find water in the wild, harvest rainwater and or distill your own).

Also, for food, you should have some emergency food with you as a baseline, but also know how to forage, trap, fish, and/or hunt. Finally, you’ll want to have a survival first aid kit with you (as you should anytime you’re spending an extended amount of time in the wilderness or a remote area).

If you’ve got your rule of three survival needs covered, you should also be thinking about staying off grid, and for comfort’s sake having some kind of portable solar generator might be advisable. Avoid contact with other people where possible, camouflage your camp and shelter, and hope that the military takes no notice of you.

Warning About Martial Law: You May Never See Your Family Again

In a time of collapse of as the result of a WMD attack on America by terrorists, or the spread of a pandemic that kills millions, if Martial Law is declared in your region, my advice to you is to keep your head and don’t get caught up with the mass-anger that is likely to erupt as a protest by several strong-willed Americans standing up for the “red, white and blue” when they feel that government troops are now infringing on their Constitutional rights.

Instead of losing your head (as a lot of people will), if some pissed off soldiers show up in your neighborhood or at your door and want to search your home for weapons, don’t get in the way. Let them in. As a survival tactic, keep your cool, don’t make any smart remarks, don’t make any threats, don’t call them “Nazis”, as tempting as it might be. Make their day pleasant. Let them think you are on their side, even if you are not. Hopefully they leave without you pissing them off in any way.

Concentration Camps

You see, in a time like this, these soldiers may be acting on orders to simply seize anyone that gives any trouble at all — boom, that’s it, off you go to a concentration camp, and there’s a good chance you may never see your family again. Here’s why:

In a time of collapse, there’s no telling what drastic event is going to happen in the coming weeks or months in the community where your family lives while you’re away. What if your family has to flee a new danger that comes to the area? What if they evacuate to a distant town?

If you’re locked away in a concentration camp, you’re not likely to see them again. You might think that you could just look for them online or call them – but in these kinds of circumstances, the internet probably won’t function any longer and access to cell phones will almost definitely be restricted (if they still work at all).

Plus, what if a few weeks from now some rioters, looters, or thugs arrive in town, find out that your wife has “no man” at home to protect her, and decide to pay her a visit one evening. If you happen to have a daughter or two also at home; well, you see where this might go.

So back to that day when government troops show up at your home and put you under house arrest and even demand your guns. Don’t do anything stupid. Be smart. Your family needs you.

Think, Don’t React

Even if they take your guns, it’s not the end of the world. Remember, this is America: A land of guns. Someone, somewhere is going to have a firearm. (For those of you who don’t believe that President Trump would take away your guns, you are sorely mistaken. Like him or hate him, it’s unlikely that he genuinely cares about the second amendment either way. If it was to his advantage, he would definitely take away your guns – it’s just that right now it’s not to his advantage).

Stock some extra gear on hand (you know things that you can barter with) and more than likely at some point you’ll be able to trade for a new firearm or two in the coming days or weeks, should you need to re-arm.

There are a lot of red-blooded Americans pissed off today just at the thought that the government may one day clamp down on assault rifles; I think it’s a safe bet a lot of these guys are going to end up hauled off to concentration camps, others will go down in a foolish blaze of what they think is “glory,” others will end up murdering troops acting on orders and then having to flee on foot, hoping they don’t get caught: Because if they’re caught, there’s a great chance that they’ll be executed shortly after, without even a trial.

Under true, extended martial law where democracy no longer holds, America is likely to become a dangerous land. Surviving in a time like this is going to take intelligent thinking, sometimes calling for a lot of humility at times; I think it will be a great time for people to seek God finally, maybe for the first time in their life. I mean for real: Repentance, faith, the whole she-bang. Finally, this will all make sense. Without God, people are going to die, not knowing or understanding how all of this could happen — how America could one day go from a nation blessed by God to a nation now suffering God’s judgments: Judgments for massive sin. That will be the reason why America falls.

Even if you are a non-believer, in order to survive this kind of extreme situation, you’ll want to play it smart, even if it’s tempting to “go down fighting”. If you want to keep your family safe and sound, then stay cool, calm, and collected, gather your wits about you, and don’t provoke the soldiers who hold your life in their hands.

Avoid Riots: Danger Of Mass Arrests

Avoid riots, protests, and so forth for the same reason as above. The last thing you want to do is be swept up in a mass arrest.

The “mass arrest” is a danger that I think a lot of people underestimate. Readers would be wise to consider that you can be separated from your family for several months, if authorities who are clamping down grab you by mistake, just because you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. In a time of catastrophic collapse, families and children need their fathers and husbands and sons. I think a great strategy for keeping your family intact following a time of collapse is for people to recognize the signs that civil unrest is about to take place and then to simply get out of Dodge before authorities take any kind of action.

Also, I highly recommend this book to everyone. 300 pages, color, paperback. The Lost Book of Remedies is helping Americans achieve medical self-sufficiency even in the darkest times using the time-tested methods of our grandparents without spending lots of money on toxic drugs and without side effects. A great asset when doctors and hospitals won’t be available anymore. You may not be Claude Davis, but you can make use of his procedures and techniques to increase your chances of survival!

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